Working Group Minutes/EWG 2017-02-28

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

A re-launching meeting of the Engineering Working Group on Tue 28th February 2017, 20:00 UTC


  • Paul Norman
  • Peter Barth
  • Ilya Zverev
  • Tobias Knerr
  • Polyglot


The primary aim in the short term is to coordinate "Google Summer of Code" projects [1]. We reviewed the Project Ideas list.

Action Items

  • Ilya: sort through project difficulties (3 levels: low/medium/hard)
  • Ilya: move Lulu-Ann's and Komzpa's projects to the separate section below
  • Ilya: send a list of projects without mentors to Peter
  • Peter: send mail seeking new ideas and mentors to a mailing list

An outstanding issue: project maintainers. E.g. all changes to the OSM website go through Tom Hughes, and there are some ideas that won't get merged. Students might not know that there are more people they would need to talk to besides their mentors. Do we list maintainers in the project ideas? Ask them to approve these ideas? Or add a comment about an unmergable project? Is merging a requirement for passing the project?

We should probably ask all mentors to check with project maintainers for their approval.

Next Meeting

Exactly two weeks from this one: 14th of March, 20:00 UTC.