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OSMF updates - January 2018

  • Content: Highlighting updates related to the Foundation - mostly news from the volunteer Working Groups, the Board of Directors, the Local Chapters, the Advisory Board members and some project news.
  • Details: For more details you are invited to read the minutes or reports of the Board and the Working Groups (links on each section).
  • Accuracy: These reports do not go through a formal acceptance process, like the Board minutes are. This might change.
  • Previous reports: here.

Communication Working Group

General info Communication Working Group, Join
Regularity Monthly, on the 2nd week of the month on IRC server oftc.net channel #osm-cwg
Next meeting date not set yet
Previous month minutes Minutes
  • New CWG members & introductions: Andrew and Michael (nebulon42) have joined the CWG. Welcome!
  • New wikimedia skin - update: New wikimedia skin created by Michael for the OSMF website. The skin is currently active as an alternative skin, which people who have OSMF wiki accounts can choose as their default one. The CWG is looking for people to test the new skin! If you have an osmf-wiki account please go here and select the "OSMFoundation" skin. We welcome suggestions on the github issue tracker. (one suggestion = one issue please).
  • Post to apply for State of the Map scholarships: live
  • Other posts in the queue: SotM Call for academic abstracts, "1 million" contributors post, Ideas for additional posts on the CWG pad.
  • CWG structure
    • Harry has been involved the longest and is our unofficial leader
    • do-ocracry
    • unofficial specialisation, based on the access each member has to the OSM social accounts and to other platforms
  • Reaching out ideas
    • getting more people outside the OSM community aware of our various communication feeds
    • inviting tech writers to follow our communication feeds
    • sending out press releases
    • noting journalists who have written about OSM before

Data Working Group

General info Data Working Group, Join
Regularity Bimonthly
Next meeting Tue March 13th, at 20:00 UTC (subject to availability)
Previous month minutes Minutes
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notice (and non-DMCA) takedown policy: Paul Norman (who is also on the LWG) will provide input to the LWG. # The Licensing Working Group has decided to undertake revisions to OSMF's DMCA policy and has asked whether someone from DWG can volunteer to give some initial feedback and provide some insight on how changes might affect DWG implementation.
  • New DWG member onboarding, and general ticket work
  • Election of Andy Townsend as Chairperson
  • Directed Editing Policy: compiling the feedback and will develop a new version of the policy. # There is an increased interest on OSM from corporations who have employees that edit in their daytime. This might create communication problems between paid and volunteer mappers, or even an imbalance of power. Out of this situation the question arises on how to regulate this to ensure fair play. The board had asked the Data Working Group to work on a corporate editing policy, in a manner that it has sufficient community input, and before anything is decided to come back to the board. The views of the community members were collected through a survey, from mailing list discussions and from the Advisory Board.
  • Policy on DWG signup - discussion will continue via email

Engineering Working Group

General info Engineering Working Group, Join
Regularity Monthly
Next meeting March 1st, 20:00 UTC
Previous month minutes Minutes
  • Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2018: Application has been submitted (and accepted)
  • Collection of Ideas: People can propose their own projects and proposals can also be submitted via email. EWG can help potential mentors with preparing ideas for the wiki page.
  • Top Ten Tasks: Ilya with Peter will expand the draft page
  • GSoC Project History: Peter to tidy the wiki

Licensing Working Group

General info Licensing Working Group, Join
Regularity Monthly on the 2nd Thursday of the month, at 20:00 UTC, on Mumble, unless rescheduled.
Next meeting March 8th, 2018
Previous month minutes Minutes

Membership Working Group

General info Membership Working Group, Join
Regularity As the needs arises
Next meeting not planned
  • Ongoing: Membership fee waiver program
  • Ongoing: Member self service area

Operations Working Group

General info Operations Working Group, Join
Regularity answer pending
Next meeting answer pending
  • Drafted a Request for Proposals to provision space in a data centre to continue to run the OpenStreetMap project's infrastructure will be circulated soon. # The proposed Request for Proposals sets out the requirements for a new data centre, and should ensure that we have the space, power, cooling and access we need to keep the site running. It also makes sure we have a well-documented, fair process which will result in a formal relationship with the new provider. If finding a new provider turns unsuccessful, alternatives have been proposed.

State of the Map Organising Committee

General info State of the Map Working Group Join
Regularity Not contacted yet
Next meeting Not contacted yet


  • New mailing list: OSM Science (subscribe or view archive). Focus:
    • talk about recent scientific research on OSM
    • develop the OSM research agenda
    • get feedback and support on your planned OSM surveys (BEFORE they are undertaken)
    • get feedback on your scientific plans and preliminary results from an interested subset of OSM community members
    • look to develop collaborations, meetings etc (such as SotM 2018),

Local Chapters

Ongoing: OSM-Belgium LC application

OpenStreetMap Belgium has applied to become the OSMF Local Chapter for Belgium. All necessary documents and translations have been received. Pending: Community and Membership consultations.

Corporate Members

Advisory Board

The OSMF Board of Directors invited the Advisory Board to contribute to the draft of the Welcome Mat to Organisations.

Board of Directors

General info OSM Foundation, Join the Foundation
Regularity Monthly on the 3rd Thursday of the month, at 21:00 London time, unless rescheduled
Next meeting March 15th, 2018 at 21:00 London time on Mumble
Previous month minutes 1st part, 2nd part