Engineering Working Group/History

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The Engineering Working Group (EWG) has been re-established by a board decision on 2021-07-30 (related minutes).

2017 to 2021

The Engineering Working Group was brought back in a different form for 2017. The primary aim in the short term was to coordinate "Google Summer of Code" projects (see kick off meeting notes).

2011 to 2015

The Engineering Working Group existed between 2011 and 2015 with the mission to assist and guide the community-driven development of OSM-related source code and tools, including

  • Running events that help developers connect with people with ideas (e.g: designers, usability experts).
  • Creating and maintaining resources to lower the barrier to entry into the OSM development community.
  • Guiding the development process by suggesting priorities and setting goals.
  • Providing assistance for Developer Events.