CWG meeting 2022-10-03

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Communication Working Group meeting on Monday 3rd Oct 2022

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  • Harry
  • Dorothea
  • Pete

Agenda / Notes

Blogs posts DONE recently

SOTM Thank You

OpenCage joint press release:

  • possibility in the future of advertising OSM WG engagement - maybe better after on our own channels? OSMF membership drive? Ed Fogle open to this...

10 years of ODbL

Blog posts in progress?

[Pete] Juan (translator) and Andres (OSM Colombia) are  in touch for the notathon blog post - Andres has responded to Juan's  'interview questions' and Juan will now build the post in Spanish

  • Pete / Juan will respond to cwg comments and continue drafting

Harry remembered to reply to Andres also (we'll plan how to make a notathon wiki page)

LCCWG Local Chapters Congress - follow up from SotM?

  • Pete to reach out to LCCWG - keen but not received anything yet

Invite from OSMF board to communities for a Monthly Presentation (communities or projects or individuals with signifiacant initiatives) - Pete to draft and share with board

Halloween OSM blog post - Harry to draft

Other ideas in the list:

  • Why should your chapter become an official local chapter?
  • Google summer of code wrap up
  • Haiti streets collab
  • AGM and board elections - Dorothea (eligibility period has passed)
  • New board member intros
  • 03 Dec: International Day of People with disabilities
    • wheelchair mapping / wheelmap
    • tagging of pedestrian crossings with blind details (StreetComplete does this)
    • OSM maps for the blind
    • Blog post from 2013
    • Mateusz tactile mapping project?
  • 05 Dec: International Volunteer Day

To tweet...

  • Steve coasts interview?:  - Harry to tweet
  • Suggested reply to google maps tweet - Pete to tweet

[Courtney] Blog guidelines proposal

  • CWG members - reminder to comment

Marjan has done some gardening of the blog post ideas issues > Blog post issues

Social media

Instagram: OSM Instagram  posting is continuing as normal. Berrely has helped  once. Amanda has asked someone else if they want to help too.

  • Pete follow up with Berrely on SM account access

Change to CWG meeting schedule?

Sticking with current time, now that Harry's son is in an afterschool club!

Replace link for cwg meeting from wherever Courtney has found it...