CWG meeting 2022-09-05

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  • Marjan
  • Dorothea
  • Pete
  • Harry

Apologies from Mikel "Labor Day holiday here, and family just emerging from covid" and Amanda.

Agenda / Notes

Welcome new CWG folks!

Improve copyright page

Mikel put forward this idea.

  • People interested in contributing to reply by email or on gitlab

Wordpress theme renewal

Firefishy moved the repo. Maybe Harry will get around to doing a more extensive renewal:

  • Theme renewal might solve some of the common issues
  • Look at more recent themes
  • Harry to have a look at it
  • Autotranslate functionality - how was this supposed to work? via WPML plugin - done per sentence/section

Blog posts in progress?

Evolution of the notathon in Latam

[Pete] Juan (translator) and Andres (OSM Colombia) are in touch for the notathon blog post - Andres has responded to Juan's 'interview questions' and Juan will now build the post in Spanish

Blogs posts ideas

SOTM Thank You Blog post

  • Dorothea writing a thank you post of Sotm
  • List of pieces about SotM on the wiki: - Pete to add a couple of links
  • Ask Sotm wg for what else to include eg call for volunteers (next event and recording processing)
  • Inc. teasers for SotM Asia and Tanzania and Japan and Nigeria (Pete to see if there are links for these future events)

LCCWG Local Chapters Congress - follow up from SotM?

  • Pete to reach out to Maggie and ask

[Courtney] Blog guidelines proposal

  • CWG members - reminder to comment

Marjan to do some gardening of the blog post ideas issues Blog post issues


Pete connected Andres to Harry for notathon wiki structure discussion


Amanda brought several piles of  stickers to SotM in Florence and basically all were given away. There  was a miscommunication with SotM and I didn’t bring the SotM stickers (I  thought Christine would). But someone on sotm team was able to quickly  order some replacements locally.

[Dorothea] Distributed pins and stickers at SotM (not paid by OSMF) Prepared community sticker packs which were taken by people who will distribute them to mappers at these countries: Cambodia, Brazil, Guinea, Ecuador, Indonesia, Malawi, Hungary, Ethiopia, Italy, Zimbabwe, D.R.C

- osm contributor designed by Berrely

Social media

Instagram: OSM Instagram  posting is continuing as normal. Berrely has helped once. Amanda has asked someone else if they want to help too.

  • Pete follow up with Berrely on SM account access

Change to CWG meeting schedule?

Can we possibly shift the CWG meeting one hour earlier/later? (To fix Harry's school pick-up clash)

  • To follow up on email - Marjan to follow up...
  • 1 hr earlier better for Marjan
  • 1 hr earlier and later better for Harry