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The board will have a six-hour screen-to-screen board meeting on Saturday 17 June 2023.

The facilitator (Allen Gunn) had one-to-one communications with the board members prior to the meeting. Below is the proposed agenda.

Action items and suggestions

See Action items and suggestions.

Blog post after the meeting

See Checking Progress, Planning, and Funding: The June 2023 OSMF Board Screen to Screen

Proposed Agenda: Topics and objectives from one-to-one conversations [All times UTC]

We'll invite additions and modifications, and then prioritize and work through them.

13h Opening Session

The meeting will be called to order with brief check-ins, along with overviews of the agenda, participation guidelines and meeting logistics.

13h15 Review of progress since last screen-to-screen

Based on board member requests, we will kick off the meeting by taking stock of progress made since the last Screen-to-Screen by reviewing action items taken in March. The group will inventory what is done, what is on track, and what is behind or not started. We will also consider the impact of new developments over the past 3 months, and re-assess the relative priority of remaining tasks.

A second phase of the conversation will focus on accountability and expectations. Some board members have conveyed a desire for clearer delineation on how to be accountable with their board commitments and action items, as well as how to better hold each other accountable. A potential outcome of this discussion will be to see if there are shared agreements that make sense to establish.

14h30 Break

All break times are approximate

14h45 Strategic Plan - Formalizing Strategic Goals

A recurring theme in planning the agenda has been the need to move the strategic planning process forward. A key step in that process is agreeing on concrete, measurable goals.

Work to date can be reviewed at:

We will initially focus on Cluster C (Institutional Development of OSMF) and Cluster D (Financial Management and Fundraising), and address Clusters A (Technical Development and Resilience) and B (Community Development for OSM) as time permits.

The overall objective of the session will be to reach rough consensus on concrete, measurable goals in each cluster, and agree on next steps and roles in translating those goals into an actionable strategic plan.

16h Break

All break times are approximate

16h30 Strategic Working Sessions

The board will identify a small number of the following topics to address in the remaining time. The goal of these discussions will be primarily to affirm next steps and priorities, rather than any deeper "solving" or "planning" work.

The following list is provided both as a guide for use in focusing this part of the meeting, but also as a resource for tracking pending discussion into the future.

Topics which have been proposed by board members include, and will be expanded based on conversations to this point in the meeting:

  • Working and collaborating with Overture foundation
  • Supporting and successfully realizing the fundraising campaign
  • Financial planning and budgeting* agreeing on priorities and budget process
  • How OSMF should continue to professionalise itself, including paid staff
  • Planning for Executive Director hire
  • Confirming next steps on move to EU
  • Increasing accountability to each other on the board
  • Review next steps on website development
  • Review next steps on vector tiles project
  • Map out knowledge to capture and documentation to provide for future boards
  • Clarifying how (and when) to represent OSMF

17h30 Break

All break times are approximate

17h45 Strategic Working Sessions

We will continue to work through the list of proposed topics.

18h45 Closing Session

The group will summarize take-aways from the meeting, share appreciations, affirm next steps and bring the meeting to a close.

19h Adjourn

Previous screen-to-screen board meeting: 2023-03