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The board will have a screen-to-screen board meeting on Saturday 4 March 2023.


Proposed Agenda

Agenda proposed by Allen Gunn (from AspirationTech, 2023 screen-to-screen facilitator). All times UTC.

11:00 Opening Session

The meeting will be called to order with words of welcome and brief participant check-ins, along with overviews of the agenda, participation guidelines and meeting logistics.

11:20 Assessing the State of OSM

Before turning focus to 2023 goals and priorities, we will baseline what board members consider to be the current state of OSM. The group will take stock of the health and vitality of the OpenStreetMap project, the Foundation and the OSM community, and identify areas for appreciation, attention and improvement.

12:15 Break

All break times are approximate. The group may agree to modify break lengths and times.

12:30 Setting an agenda for 2023 and beyond

Building on the work done in the prior session, the board will map out and prioritize goals and tasks for 2023. The process will begin by agreeing on what must be accomplished by the end of the year, and then working backwards to define quarterly milestones. Work to be tracked beyond 2023 will also be inventoried.

13:45 Break

All break times are approximate. The group may agree to modify break lengths and times.

14:00 Strategic working sessions

The board will identify a small number of the following topics to address in the remaining time.

The goal of these discussions will be to build on the outcomes of the 2023 planning conversation, primarily by affirming next steps and priorities on more pressing issues, rather than doing any deeper “solving” or “planning” work.

The following list is provided both as a guide for use in focusing this part of the meeting, but also as a resource for tracking pending discussions into the future.

Topics which have been proposed by multiple board members include:

  • Equitable distribution of work: accountability and expectations for OSMF board members, in both communications and duties
  • Strategic plan and prioritization - what should we achieve short term and longer term?
  • Shifting operational responsibilities away from the board: Hiring processes for Executive Director and other roles
  • Goals and next steps for addressing attribution and trademarks
  • Moving to EU: mapping a plan how to implement it
  • Addressing the backlog in software development (API, data model, website), along with establishing a system for supporting software work in the OSM ecosystem

Other topics that have been suggested include:

  • Improving Budgetary controls
  • Planning for State of the Map Europe
  • Defining the Finance Committee remit: agreeing on outcomes the board expects
  • Working on Membership Working Group
  • Resourcing work on the API and website work, and addressing the difficulties of working with overworked maintainers)
  • Engaging the platform companies (Meta, Amazon, Microsoft) on both attribution issues and potential funding
  • Planning for OSM 20th anniversary next year
  • Identifying effective and constructive ways to communicate within the board and with the community
  • New board member orientation
  • OSM Project sustainability (financials, membership/community, Overture, …)

14:45 Closing Session

The group will summarize take-aways from the meeting, share appreciations, affirm next steps and bring the meeting to a close.

15:00 Adjourn