Board/Minutes/2022-02-S2S/Goal list

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Board goals till the next board election, on December 2022.

Decision on 2022-02-27: The board to turn the "must" goals of the goal list into action items at the next board meeting.

Post meeting addition of links.

Board members' presence

  • Amanda McCann
  • Eugene Alvin Villar
  • Guillaume Rischard
  • Jean-Marc Liotier
  • Roland Olbricht
  • Tobias Knerr

Not Present

  • Mikel Maron (on leave)

Officers and board

The following must be true

  • Budget set up and budgetary control running smoothly with live numbers from Xero
  • The fundraising framework/strategy must be ready before the end of the year
  • None of the employees/contractors have left / ie people still working for us
  • Decisions on tile license and attribution guidelines have been implemented
  • Dublin data center is live
  • Decision on moving to the EU have progressed
    • (same as "could" item 1 and "should" item 2?)
  • Board is doing/delegating/eliminating more tasks, and is no longer a bottleneck
  • State of the Map conference in Italy was great.
  • Board has actually met face to face.
  • (OSMF) Email either paid or migrated

The following should be true

  • SSRE (Senior Site Reliability Engineer) working full time (and is being paid)
  • We have venue in the EU to set up parts of the OSMF there
    • (same as "could" item 1 and "must" item 6?)
  • Membership prerequisites are in place and widely accepted by the community
  • Pseudonymous membership lists are publicly available ← difficult GDPR, discuss LWG first
  • Communication platforms have been migrated, there's a healthy and widely adopted and successful English-language forum on open, OSMF-hosted software
  • Range of anti-takeover measures in place
  • Constructive relation with HOT. Trademark issues resolved.
  • We have funding source proportionate to our employment plans (as regular income rather than one-off donations)
  • We have incorporated the Strategic Plan in the Board monthly meetings (See Strategic plan outline)
  • All major data users are providing attribution
  • Some data users are providing more-than-minimum attribution that succeeds in driving additional contributions to OSM
  • There are working rules on organized editing that are followed in practice
  • Moderation team is in place and working effectively
  • There is an effective system for supporting software work in the OSM ecosystem
  • The board has budgeted multi-year funding for actual work on the API (rather than just preliminary exploratory work)
  • Experimental OSMF vector tile infrastructure is in place
  • Some website features requested by Working Groups have been implemented
  • All past iD controversies have been resolved
  • Better recruitment for and functioning of working groups
  • FOSS Policy Special Committee has completed work

The following could be true