Annual General Meetings/2022/Minutes

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Date: 10 December 2022
Place: IRC chat room #osmf-gm on the IRC network

Board Members

Name Username Officer role
Amanda McCann am{ap}anda Secretary
Eugene Alvin Villar seav
Guillaume Rischard grischard[m] Chairperson
Mikel Maron mikelmaron[m]
Roland Olbricht drolbr[m] Treasurer
Tobias Knerr tordanik[m]


Name Username Officer
Jean-Marc Liotier

Officers and board


The meeting was conducted over IRC, and the channel was also bridged to Matrix.
IP addresses have been obfuscated.
Time in UTC.

FY = Fiscal Year

16:00 grischard[m]: Hello everyone
16:01 Dorothea gives channel operator status to seav
16:01 mikelmaron[m]: Greetings OSMF
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16:01 drolbr[m]: Greetings from me also.
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16:01 am{ap}anda: Hello OSMF!
16:02 Dorothea: Please send me your full names for the attendee list. Thank you :)
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16:03 grischard[m]: If you're new to irc, try typing /msg Dorothea hi, I'm [name]
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16:03 matkoniecz: Hello everyone!
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16:04 habi[m]: /msg Dorothea Ciao Dorothea, I’m David Haberthür
16:04 grischard[m]: Almost habi :)
16:05 grischard[m]: We're five minutes into the hour, the stragglers should have joined us. Let's start.
16:05 seav: Hello from the part of the Earth that is already December 11th!
16:05 habi[m]: , currently here via Element/Matrix.
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16:05 grischard[m]: Hello everyone, and welcome to the 2022 OpenStreetMap Foundation general meeting
16:05 habi[m]: grischard: will do that later
16:05 Firefishy: Using element click the (i) top right and then click on Dorothea and choose message there ;-)
16:05 MinhNguyen: Ah, the Matrix bridge must not recognize the /msg command then.
16:06 grischard[m]: The agenda is at the bottom of if you'd like to follow along
16:06 habi[m]: Firefishy: MinhNguyen the message arrived with her, but also in the room.
16:06 habi[m]: *shutting up now.
16:06 Dorothea:
16:06 grischard[m]: The first point is apologies for absence. I haven't seen some of the retiring board members.
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16:06 Dorothea removes channel operator status from Dorothea
16:06 das-g[m]: Deeplink to Agenda:
16:07 grischard[m]: I'm not sure we have to do anything for the apologies, really.
16:07 grischard[m]: The next point on the agenda is the minutes of last year's meeting
16:07 DeBigC (~oftc-webi@***.***.***.***) has joined
16:07 grischard[m]: are the 2021 minutes
16:07 Dorothea:
16:08 grischard[m]: I move to accept the minutes of last year's meeting. Can I have a second?
16:08 DeBigC_ (~oftc-webi@***.***.***.***) has joined
16:08 drolbr[m]: Seconded
16:08 am{ap}anda: grischard[m]: second
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16:08 grischard[m]: Is there any discussion on the minutes?
16:09 grischard[m]: If there are no comments, we shall move to a vote.
16:09 grischard[m]: Those in favour of accepting the minutes, say aye
16:09 grischard[m]: aye
16:09 am{ap}anda: aye
16:09 drolbr[m]: Aye
16:09 seav: Aye
16:09 sakudo: aye
16:09 mikelmaron[m]: aye
16:09 ezekielf (~oftc-webi@***.***.***.***) has joined
16:09 datendelphin: aye
16:09 derFred: aye
16:09 tordanik[m]: aye
16:09 WodzmierzBartczak[m]: aye
16:09 b-unicycling: aye
16:09 mstock: aye
16:09 SomeoneElse: aye
16:10 lonvia: aye
16:10 pierzen: aye
16:10 grischard[m]: Those against say nay, and if you'd like to abstain you can say 'abstain'
16:11 das-g[m]: abstain
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16:11 SK53 (~Thunderbi@***.***.***.***) has joined
16:11 grischard[m]: The votes seem to have died down, the 2021 minutes are adopted
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16:12 grischard[m]: Next up is the chairperson's report, which I have just posted at
16:12 Mikecc (~oftc-webi@***.***.***.***) has joined
16:13 Firefishy: waves Grant here... (being mentioned in chairperson report)
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16:14 grischard[m]: If you have any questions about the report(s), we can have a QA/chat later.
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16:14 grischard[m]: I will now give the floor to drolbr for the treasurer report
16:14 mikelmaron[m]: point of order
16:14 conradoos (~oftc-webi@***.***.***.***) has joined
16:15 mikelmaron[m]: I believe the polls are still open. Are we good to close the polls and begin calculating results?
16:15 Vonter_ (~oftc-webi@***.***.***.***) has joined
16:15 drolbr[m]: Please find the report at
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16:15 kphklaus (~oftc-webi@***.***.***.***) has joined
16:15 grischard[m]: Ah yes. We usually close them at the beginning of the meeting, sorry
16:16 grischard[m]: Dorothea: if it doesn't happen automatically, please close the polls
16:16 Dorothea: thank you
16:16 drolbr[m]: I'm sorry for having it put rather late (yesterday) to the OSMF Wiki.
16:16 grischard[m]: You still beat me :)
16:18 grischard[m]: I just chatted with Michelle, our accountant. She's informed me that we have received a last minute invoice for about 25k€ that doesn't show up in the numbers drolbr had.
16:18 grischard[m]: Sorry about that. The person who didn't send the invoices just forgot.
16:18 das-g[m]: An invoice for 2021?
16:18 grischard[m]: For 2022
16:19 drolbr[m]: Yes, it is a preliminary report for 2022. In total, we expect up to about ₤ 100,000 to still move.
16:19 Jerry_W2k (~oftc-webi@***.***.***.***) has joined
16:19 grischard[m]: For the 2021 treasurer's report, you can find my report from last year on the wiki
16:20 makund (~oftc-webi@***.***.***.***) has joined
16:20 das-g[m]: states that it reports about 2021.
16:20 drolbr[m]: There are also four corporate members currently at some stage of the pipeline between signing to join and actually having paid.
16:20 mikelmaron[m]: As a supplement to the Treasurer's Report, I have share a report on Fundraising
16:22 sk256[m] (~sk256matr@***.***.***.***) has left
16:22 das-g[m]: Ah, now I see there's also a "Draft Balance Sheet" about 2022
16:22 debigc[m] (~debigcmat@***.***.***.***) has joined
16:22 drolbr[m]: We have a fiscal year that goes from 01 Jan to 31 Dec. Then the records need some postprocessing, because you do not have all invoices paid the next day. So you legally see the FY 2021 here. As everyone is rather interested in the 2022 figures, there is always also a draft for the current year.
16:24 drolbr[m]: I'm happy to hand over to mikelmaron for the personal report. Please note also the distinct Fundraising report he already has posted.
16:24 mikelmaron[m]: The Personnel Committee wrote up this report on 2022
16:24 mikelmaron[m]: Questions welcome
16:26 SK53: Is it possible to provide a link to the FY2021 report I find it difficult to read on the OSMF website?
16:26 grischard[m]: You find it difficult to find the document or to read the document you've found?
16:26 drolbr[m]:
16:27 zra (~oftc-webi@***.***.***.***) has joined
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16:27 drolbr[m]: You can also click on the document to access the Wiki's file page. I've used [[File:..]] is the source, and I am not happy with that as well, but have not found a better solution.
16:28 eginhard (~oftc-webi@***.***.***.***) has joined
16:28 SK53: drolbr[m]: thanks I can read that link
16:28 grischard[m]: Thank you drolbr and mikelmaron
16:29 grischard[m]: If there are no further comments on the treasurer's work, we shall move on to the personnel committee's report
16:29 grischard[m]: mikelmaron: is that you?
16:29 grischard[m]: The report is at
16:30 mikelmaron[m]: Yes there it is. Any questions welcome.
16:31 grischard[m]: As we move on to the vote, can anyone who has had technical difficulties to vote please message Dorothea
16:31 grischard[m]: And remember, if you haven't already, to message your name to Dorothea for attendance
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16:33 grischard[m]: Dorothea: all good to move on to the election?
16:33 Dorothea: sure
16:33 grischard[m]: Can you announce the results when they're ready?
16:34 datendelphin: Elected are Arnalie Vicario, Sarah Hoffmann, Mateusz Konieczny, and Craig Allan
16:34 MinhNguyen: 🥁🥁🥁
16:34 am{ap}anda: Congratlations to all!
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16:35 b-unicycling: congrats!
16:35 grischard[m]: Congratulations!
16:35 drolbr[m]: Congratulations also from me. And I would like to thank all who have run for the board. We need you again next year.
16:35 ezekielf_: 🎉🎉🎉🎉
16:35 WodzmierzBartczak[m]: Congrats!
16:35 grischard[m]: Likewise, congratulations to all the candidates. We were very lucky with candidates this year, and there were definitely more than four qualified candidates.
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16:36 grischard[m]: Thank you again to the four retiring board members.
16:36 am{ap}anda: So long, farewell, auf wiedesehen, adieu! 👋
16:36 matkoniecz: Thanks, I hope that I will turn out to be useful in this role. And congratulations to all other elected, and thanks also to not elected this time.
16:37 tordanik[m]: Thanks to all candidates for making this an interesting and fair election, and congratulations to the new board members!
16:37 MinhNguyen: Here’s to 2023!
16:37 matkoniecz: Is there some way to see how the voting process went step-by-step?
16:37 Craig_Allan: I look forward to serving the OSM community. Many thanks to the outgoing board members for your service!
16:38 seav: Thankfully the discussions on osmf-talk were had much less drama this year
16:38 grischard[m]: matkoniecz: yes, and the raw data is available, and you can try different vote counting methods etc.
16:38 datendelphin: matkoniecz: sure:
16:38 grischard[m]: Opavote is great :)
16:38 grischard[m]: We shall now move on to any other business. Does anyone have any other business?
16:39 seav: Congratulations to Arnalie, Sarah, Craig, and Mateusz!
16:39 grischard[m]: For those wondering about who's going to be secretary, this usually gets decided at the first meeting of a new board
16:40 seav: Good that we have 2 new women on the Board!
16:40 grischard[m]: The difficulty wil now be finding a date and time that works for everyone. Wish us luck.
16:40 seav: Arnalie is not present now because she's already asleep.
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16:41 grischard[m]: If you have not yet done this, one last time...Please be sure to share your full names with Dorothea so she can record a list of AGM participants. To send your name to Dorothea please use "/msg dorothea {your name}” but without the quotation marks. Replace {your name} with your name. If that doesn't work, please try "/msg {your name}"
16:41 grischard[m]: If there is no other business, the chair would entertain a motion to adjourn. Then we can chat about what everyone is mapping.
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16:42 drolbr[m]: Seconding the motion to adjourn.
16:43 Craig_Allan: Move to close
16:43 grischard[m]: It has been, well, seconded and moved
16:43 grischard[m]: The motion is not debatable. Are there any objections to adjourning? Going once....
16:43 Johann_Haag (~oftc-webi@***.***.***.***) has joined
16:44 derFred: congrats to all new board members.
16:44 ChanServ gives channel operator status to Dorothea
16:44 Dorothea gives channel operator status to lonvia
16:44 grischard[m]: Going twice
16:44 Dorothea gives channel operator status to Craig_Allan
16:44 Dorothea gives channel operator status to matkoniecz
16:44 grischard[m]: Going thrice. The 2022 annual general meeting of the OpenStreetMap Foundation is adjourned. I thank all who attended.