Working Group Minutes/SWG 2011-11-18

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IRC Name Present Apologies
chrisfleming Chris Fleming y
Eugene Eugene Usvitsky y
mkl Mikel Maron y
apmon Kai Krueger y
RichardF Richard Fairhurst y
mackerski Dermot McNally y
TomH Tom Hughes y

Next meeting

Next meeting 2nd December 16.00 UTC

Draft agenda:

  • Complete "suggestion trawling" exercise
  • Identify next steps, potentially to include:
    • further study of complex topics (e.g. local chapters)
    • review against OSMF's stated mission
    • review of feasibility


  • To post to talk@, forum and user diaries to invite suggestions as part of trawling exercise

IRC log

16:04 RichardF: hello happy strategic-ers
16:04 mackerski: RichardF: Hello
16:05 RichardF: we have apologies from Mikel and from Eugene
16:05 -:everybody else present and correct?
16:07 chrisfleming: Present, probably not correct
16:08 TomH: possibly correct but as for being present I have no idea
16:09 apmon: probably present, not sure about correct
16:10 RichardF: well, that'll have to do
16:11 JonathanB has joined the channel.
16:11 RichardF: arternoon JonathanB
16:11 -:so... last meeting's minutes are at
16:13 -:for today we were planning:
16:13 -:Complete "suggestion trawling" exercise
16:13 -:Identify next steps, potentially to include:
16:13 -:further study of complex topics (e.g. local chapters)
16:13 -:review against OSMF's stated mission
16:13 -:review of feasibility
16:13 -:does anybody have anything to add to that? or (given quietness of meeting thus far) would people rather postpone that to another meeting?
16:13 mackerski: Nothing to add, anyway
16:14 -:Will we get much action on the topics named with such a small group?
16:14 apmon: RichardF: The irc log appears to be truncated on the right side for me
16:14 RichardF: mackerski: you might be right
16:15 mackerski: I've no problem pressing ahead, but some of those topics are meaty
16:15 RichardF: apmon: suggestions for mediawiki markup to fix that are welcome, I never understand any of that :)
16:16 -:mackerski: yep. I'm a little loth to press ahead with it as well when I don't think we've incorporated any suggestions from the German community into the page at yet
16:16 -:(other than those via talk@ and the wiki)
16:16 mackerski: RichardF: I was trawling talk0-de for those
16:16 RichardF: mackerski: yay. would you like another week/fortnight to continue with that?
16:17 apmon: RichardF: I have looked through talk-de and the forum
16:17 mackerski: I found the hit rate for suggestions very low, but it's fair to mention that I didn't get as far as I'd hoped into the past
16:17 apmon: not much "strategic" I could find that wasn't already listed
16:17 RichardF: interesting.
16:17 mackerski: For now I agree with apmon, but I bet there are nuggets in there that we missed
16:17 -:I didn't check the forum at all
16:18 -:A _lot_ of the discussion on talk-de tends to be operational
16:18 JonathanB has left IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:18 RichardF: mackerski: e.g. "BAN POTLATCH"?
16:18 mackerski: Ah, well that'd be strategic, right enough
16:18 apmon: The suggestions I added to the page were from talk-de. I added them under the wrong heading
16:18 RichardF: ah! :)
16:18 mackerski: We might want to capture it for completeness
16:18 -:I didn't look to exercise my own discretion anywhere else
16:19 RichardF: ok. so is the feeling that the list is as complete as it's going to be?
16:19 JonathanB has joined the channel.
16:19 mackerski: I don't think I'll find much extra
16:19 RichardF: certainly I don't think I'll be able to find anything else from talk@ or the wiki
16:19 -:(without going insane, that is)
16:20 mackerski: Something I don't immediately see...
16:20 -:Remember Fred's suggestion to _not_ address barriers to entry?
16:20 apmon: RichardF: As mentioned last time, I somewhat have the impression that due to past list interactions people don't really post strategic suggestions and ideas on the lists anymore unless they are going to implement it themselves
16:20 mackerski: I've got my own view on that, but it's certainly a strategic suggestion
16:21 apmon: I can't say if that is correct, but imho worth taking into account as a possibility
16:21 mackerski: apmon: A way to address this is to publish our list and invite people to add anything they've been keeping to themselves
16:21 RichardF: that's not a bad idea.
16:22 mackerski: I'll add Fred's suggestion now
16:24 apmon: mackerski: Yes, it seems like it would be a good idea to publish it. Also allows people to know what SWG is doing
16:24 mackerski: We did say that this list was to seed discussion
16:24 apmon: but I guess, one needs to formulate it in a way to not get tones for crazy new suggestions.
16:25 mackerski: Yes, we need to make it clear what we mean by "strategic"
16:25 -:Even then, we _will_ get all kinds of muck
16:25 -:We must specifically request (on pain of something) people to _not_ change what's already in there
16:25 RichardF: we could say "put it on the talk page, not the main page"
16:25 mackerski: Yeah
16:26 RichardF: and revert anything that goes onto the main page
16:27 -:let me have a stab at putting some wording up...
16:27 apmon: OK, I can then translate it into German
16:28 mackerski: ("Verbiete Potlatch!")
16:28 RichardF: oooh, I never knew the imperative form
16:28 apmon: :-)
16:28 mackerski: This would be addressing a single individual, assuming I didn't bork it
16:31 RichardF: ok.
16:31 -:how's that?
16:32 mackerski: Yeah, that's good.
16:32 -:I had to switch back to the main tab to be sure you had commented there
16:32 -:Sorry I doubted you
16:33 RichardF: laughs
16:34 RichardF: ok. shall I post to talk@, the forum and the user diaries encouraging people to contribute?
16:35 mackerski: I think so
16:36 RichardF: excellent.
16:36 -:does anyone have anything else to raise at today's meeting?
16:36 mackerski: Nope
16:37 apmon: RichardF: Sounds good
16:37 RichardF: ok. well, in that case, I suggest we close this as the shortest SWG meeting ever :)
16:37 mackerski: Goody
16:37 RichardF: same place in a fortnight's time?
16:37 mackerski: See you all then!
16:38 RichardF: see you then!
16:38 -:I'll post the minutes.
16:39 apmon: Nice and short... :-)
16:39 -:I guess next time we will have more, dealing with all the suggestions
16:39 RichardF: hopefully