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[2011-08-12 15:57:46] <wonderchook> hi guys! [2011-08-12 15:58:07] <mkl1> you are here! [2011-08-12 15:58:34] <wonderchook> from the airport [2011-08-12 15:58:47] <wonderchook> we have lots of time before the flight [2011-08-12 15:59:39] <mkl1> time for strategic [2011-08-12 15:59:51] <mkl1> should we start [2011-08-12 15:59:57] <mkl1> what's on our agenda? [2011-08-12 16:02:46] <mkl1> don't all speak at once [2011-08-12 16:03:47] * TomH is quiet [2011-08-12 16:04:55] <mkl1> all good then [2011-08-12 16:06:13] <wonderchook> do we need to discuss the management group and how it relates to strategy? [2011-08-12 16:06:19] <mkl1> yea, i think that's a good one [2011-08-12 16:06:41] <mkl1> Serge pointed out there was no unifying vision for the Foundation [2011-08-12 16:06:44] -->| toffehoff (~toffehoff@ has joined #osm-strategic [2011-08-12 16:06:53] <mkl1> It really isn't clear what new directions the Foundation should take [2011-08-12 16:06:59] <mkl1> Will this come out of the Management Meeting [2011-08-12 16:07:20] <mkl1> Or do we need to explicitly set out to do something like strategic planning? [2011-08-12 16:07:27] <toffehoff> Hi, sorry for being late. [2011-08-12 16:07:39] <mkl1> How could we design that process without too much organizational development wanking? [2011-08-12 16:07:42] <mkl1> hi toffehoff [2011-08-12 16:07:51] <apmon> isn't that sort of what SWG is supposed to be? Do some strategic planning? [2011-08-12 16:08:22] <mkl1> sure [2011-08-12 16:08:37] <mkl1> but we'll need to design it to involve all concerned in the Foundation [2011-08-12 16:09:48] <toffehoff> Before I say something unrelated: what's the question? [2011-08-12 16:09:57] |<-- wonderchook has left (Remote host closed the connection) [2011-08-12 16:10:23] <mkl1> toffehoff ... we were trying to decide our agenda this week [2011-08-12 16:10:37] <toffehoff> ok [2011-08-12 16:10:41] <mkl1> and wonderchook suggested discussing the role of SWG and the Management Team [2011-08-12 16:11:15] <mkl1> and I thought it was good to discuss the strategic plan for the foundation (or lack of one) [2011-08-12 16:11:46] <toffehoff> ah…. [2011-08-12 16:13:37] <toffehoff> Keep in mind that after the next AGM we will have a partly new board. [2011-08-12 16:14:25] <toffehoff> I want to suggest to the new board to come up with a manifest on what they want to achieve the coming year. [2011-08-12 16:15:00] <toffehoff> This may trigger some things for the SWG to work on. [2011-08-12 16:15:37] <toffehoff> Other question: do we have some issues for the board they need to have a decision on? [2011-08-12 16:16:20] <mkl1> well I feel a lot of it is around execution, and being clear about objectives [2011-08-12 16:16:45] <mkl1> decision wise, i think if we do start to give working groups budgets, then we'll need decisions on finances and fundraising [2011-08-12 16:17:26] <mkl1> like how much is the OSMF willing to go into discretionary funding, and how [2011-08-12 16:18:50] <toffehoff> When we talk about funding, we also talk about spending. [2011-08-12 16:19:03] <toffehoff> Where do we want to spend money on (other than servers) [2011-08-12 16:19:06] <mkl1> right ... and it should be driven by that [2011-08-12 16:19:17] <mkl1> there's a budgetting process SWG came up with earlier this year [2011-08-12 16:19:19] <toffehoff> Should we seek cooperation with other organizations? [2011-08-12 16:19:21] <mkl1> it's approved [2011-08-12 16:19:44] <toffehoff> … like Wikimedia? [2011-08-12 16:19:50] <mkl1> But hasn't been implemented. WGs (besides OMGWG) don't know it's even an option to do so [2011-08-12 16:20:22] <mkl1> Cooperation on what kinds of things? [2011-08-12 16:20:24] <toffehoff> But that's for the management team and the treasurer (imo) [2011-08-12 16:20:29] <mkl1> Yes it is [2011-08-12 16:20:40] -->| chrisfl__ ( has joined #osm-strategic [2011-08-12 16:20:52] <apmon> How much income has OSMF had this year and how much has it spent so far? [2011-08-12 16:20:54] <toffehoff> Trying to get OSM more integrated with wikipedia? [2011-08-12 16:20:59] <mkl1> Hope it's high on the list for MT [2011-08-12 16:21:16] <toffehoff> :-) [2011-08-12 16:21:38] <toffehoff> Or are there other projects we would actively support? [2011-08-12 16:21:54] <apmon> The last treasury report on the osmf page seems to be from 2009 :-S [2011-08-12 16:21:59] <toffehoff> Outreach, creating new communities … etc [2011-08-12 16:22:41] <mkl1> We need good documents [2011-08-12 16:22:44] <toffehoff> apmon: I will send a not to the treasurer to take a look at it. [2011-08-12 16:22:56] <toffehoff> not = note [2011-08-12 16:23:01] <mkl1> I'm asked all the time for "OSM for my Boss" 1 pagers [2011-08-12 16:23:08] <mkl1> and the same for the OSM license [2011-08-12 16:24:09] <toffehoff> Is the CWG working on this? [2011-08-12 16:25:02] <toffehoff> Thinking of it: is communication WG the same as PR working group? [2011-08-12 16:25:16] <mkl1> they aren't, afaik [2011-08-12 16:25:36] <mkl1> working on this ... but I don't see why it should be separate. anyhow [2011-08-12 16:27:10] <toffehoff> It could be the same ….  [2011-08-12 16:29:01] <mkl1> so stepping back, SWG has done a bunch of work this year [2011-08-12 16:29:17] <toffehoff> yeah! [2011-08-12 16:29:22] <mkl1> tile policy, routing, list etiquette, budgetting process, etc [2011-08-12 16:29:37] <mkl1> that's been implemented in parts, but not the majority [2011-08-12 16:30:08] <mkl1> as well as triggering a lot of thinking about the Foundation structure [2011-08-12 16:30:29] <mkl1> Is there actually something much for us to do right now? Or are we now needed to just make sure this stuff gets attention at the MT? [2011-08-12 16:30:44] <mkl1> oh, yea front page too :) [2011-08-12 16:31:03] <TomH> yep I'm really seeing SWG's effect there [2011-08-12 16:31:11] <mkl1> Are we now pushing for implementation ... not doing implementation, but making sure it happens [2011-08-12 16:31:14] * TomH remembers he was supposed to disable sarcasm mode [2011-08-12 16:31:22] <mkl1> thanks for clarifying that [2011-08-12 16:31:41] <mkl1> well TomH, we're kinda stopped from NOT actually doing that [2011-08-12 16:32:07] <toffehoff> At least there is/will be a software WG (or what name it gets) to work on these issues. [2011-08-12 16:32:42] <mkl1> and everyone has said hello on the design list ;) [2011-08-12 16:33:12] <apmon> I'll get back to trying to see if I can get some more tile layers included soon (mainly oepnv-karte and mapquest) [2011-08-12 16:33:12] <mkl1> it would be good to see Grant start the front page design competition thing [2011-08-12 16:33:17] <toffehoff> If nothing urgent is on our plate: is it time to go to a bi-weekly meeting? [2011-08-12 16:33:25] <mkl1> toffehoff ... that could be [2011-08-12 16:33:35] <apmon> And the routing is on my todo list too. [2011-08-12 16:33:37] <mkl1> i feel like we need to have a good Management Meeting [2011-08-12 16:34:09] <mkl1> and then will give some more direction to us [2011-08-12 16:34:16] <toffehoff> I hoped to have one this week :-[ [2011-08-12 16:34:58] <toffehoff> Question: what can we do to stimulate new communities in places where there is not an active community? [2011-08-12 16:35:35] <toffehoff> … if that is a task for the Foundation in the first place .... [2011-08-12 16:36:01] <apmon> publicity and media work is a good start [2011-08-12 16:37:03] <mkl1> GPSToGo [2011-08-12 16:38:14] <mkl1> As well as publicity kits, like apmon says [2011-08-12 16:39:22] <toffehoff> Who should we target, for who do we make those publicity kits? [2011-08-12 16:40:48] <toffehoff> Should we start a project with ESRI to get to their user base? [2011-08-12 16:41:01] <toffehoff> (just some random thought) [2011-08-12 16:41:19] <mkl1> Sam Larsen has a mapping kit idea as part of GPSToGo ... it's not just gps, and might be renamed [2011-08-12 16:41:34] <mkl1> ESRI ... I know they started a partnership with UShahidi [2011-08-12 16:41:45] <mkl1> They're pretty active developing and promoting OSM actually [2011-08-12 16:41:45] <toffehoff> Should we actively target government agencies and help them decide to open up their datasources. [2011-08-12 16:41:47] <mkl1> But [2011-08-12 16:42:18] <mkl1> we should be coordinating with them more officially. there are definitely issues ... like how to bring those folks into the community, and not just as random editors through ArcGIS [2011-08-12 16:42:42] <mkl1> toffehoff ... I feel like there's plenty of people in the community working on that, and doing it well [2011-08-12 16:42:59] <mkl1> mostly they ask for letters of support from OSMF, and legitimacy to act for OSM [2011-08-12 16:43:19] <mkl1> that gets into both improving Communications products, like "OSM for the Boss", etc [2011-08-12 16:43:22] <mkl1> And the local chapters [2011-08-12 16:46:30] <toffehoff> Back to ESRI and the coordination. [2011-08-12 16:46:42] <toffehoff> Can we do something with that?] [2011-08-12 16:47:13] -->| Firefishy ( has joined #osm-strategic [2011-08-12 16:47:37] <mkl1> we should probably first talk to wonderchook ... she's been talking to them the most, i understand [2011-08-12 16:49:18] <toffehoff> So… everything is working a breeze? Nothing to work on? Cool! [2011-08-12 16:50:21] <mkl1> with ESRI ... there are issues [2011-08-12 16:51:04] <toffehoff> Can we get a brief description for the next meeting? [2011-08-12 16:51:18] <mkl1> action for wonderchook [2011-08-12 16:52:33] <toffehoff> Anything we want to do at SotM? [2011-08-12 16:52:47] <mkl1> last year all the WG did a presentation [2011-08-12 16:52:52] <mkl1> is that planned this year? [2011-08-12 16:53:16] <toffehoff> Not yet ... [2011-08-12 16:54:09] <mkl1> i know it was a crowd pleaser ;) [2011-08-12 16:54:26] <toffehoff> OK, will try to schedule this again. [2011-08-12 16:55:21] <toffehoff> It's getting near the hour. [2011-08-12 16:55:27] <mkl1> ok [2011-08-12 16:55:40] <toffehoff> How about changing the meeting frequency to bi-weekly [2011-08-12 16:55:41] <mkl1> so i agree, let's schedule for two weeks from now ...  [2011-08-12 16:56:02] <mkl1> next meeting would be the 26th [2011-08-12 16:56:16] <toffehoff> ok [2011-08-12 16:56:32] <toffehoff> any objections? [2011-08-12 16:57:03] <mkl1> i'm taking that as a no [2011-08-12 16:57:05] <toffehoff> That would also be the last one before SotM [2011-08-12 16:58:15] <mkl1> let's see if SotM will ask for WG talks ...  [2011-08-12 16:59:06] <toffehoff> I presume everyone is of course going to SotM, right ? :-) [2011-08-12 16:59:21] <mkl1> you'd have to be crazy not to [2011-08-12 16:59:31] <mkl1> ok well thanks for the "meeting"