Working Group Minutes/SWG 2010-12-16

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  • cmarqu: Colin Marquardt
  • TomH: Tom Hughes
  • twain47: Brian Quinion
  • rweait: Richard Weait
  • zere: Matt Amos
  • Firefishy: Grant Slater
  • RichardF: Richard Fairhurst
  • filbertkm: Katie Filbert.


  • chrisfl: Chris Fleming


  • Members failed to propose or object to previous minutes.
  • Next IRC Thursday, 06 January 2011 1500UTC
  • At the 13 January 2011 meeting this meeting was declared non-quorate. No official minutes.

IRC log

(10:00:55 AM) rweait: *** Shall we start logging? ***
(10:05:39 AM) rweait: What do you think?  Should we give folks another ten minutes to arrive?  
(10:13:08 AM) Firefishy [] entered the room.
(10:16:38 AM) rweait: Anybody care to propose and second the minutes from last meeting?
(10:18:08 AM) RichardF [] entered the room.
(10:20:57 AM) filbertkm [] entered the room.
(10:21:13 AM) RichardF: *crickets*
(10:21:28 AM) rweait: RichardF: quite. 
(10:22:41 AM) rweait: Anybody care to propose the minutes of the previous meeting.  Second call.
(10:22:48 AM) rweait:
(10:24:08 AM) filbertkm: hi
(10:24:17 AM) rweait: Hi filbertkm
(10:25:17 AM) filbertkm: what's been discussed so far before i joined
(10:25:42 AM) rweait: Okay we are 25 minutes past the top of the hour and have not managed to approve (or object) to the previous minutes yet.  
(10:26:35 AM) rweait: Anybody care to propose the next meeting date?  is 23 Dec worth considering?
(10:28:20 AM) rweait: Any objections to 23 December as the next meeting date?
(10:29:03 AM) Firefishy: Sorry, I wasn't here for most of the last meeting so cannot propose
(10:29:37 AM) Firefishy: 23rd. Eeeech... Maybe postpone?
(10:29:53 AM) Firefishy: well unless most people are off, then it could be good :P
(10:30:01 AM) rweait: Is the 30th any better or is that week a write-off?
(10:30:33 AM) filbertkm: Dec 23 works but but I'm technically not a working group member
(10:30:43 AM) Firefishy: Worse for me. 23rd I'm @ work. 30th I'm recovering from hangover :P
(10:30:57 AM) rweait: filbertkm:  technically the only working group member is Mikel
(10:31:11 AM) filbertkm: Ah, okay!
(10:32:28 AM) rweait: How does everybody feel about continuing in the format, IRC, vs. telephone? 
(10:32:39 AM) rweait: er, "this format"
(10:33:01 AM) rweait: I'd prefer telephone.
(10:33:17 AM) rweait: Or email even.
(10:33:44 AM) ***filbertkm likes irc but email is good too
(10:34:13 AM) filbertkm: But phone is an option
(10:34:44 AM) rweait: Okay, let's go with IRC on Thursday 6 Jan 2011, and see what interest we can stir up on email in the interim. 
(10:35:01 AM) rweait: I move that we adjourn.  in the absence of objections....  ?
(10:35:55 AM) filbertkm: Sounds good
(10:36:27 AM) rweait: *** adjourned - End logging ***