Working Group Minutes/SWG 2010-12-08

From OpenStreetMap Foundation


  • cmarqu: Colin Marquardt
  • samlarsen1: Sam Larsen
  • chrisfl: Chris Fleming
  • TomH: Tom Hughes
  • twain47: Brian Quinion
  • rweait: Richard Weait
  • filbertkm: Katie Filbert
  • Firefishy: Grant Slater
  • zere: Matt Amos
  • RichardF: Richard Fairhurst


  • toffehoff: Henk Hoff

Minutes (DRAFT)

  • Previous minutes proposed by chrisfl and seconded by samlarsen1. Minutes accepted with no objections.
  • Next meeting date proposed and accepted for Thursday 16 December 2010 at 1500 UTC
  • Action items
  • Tile layer scorecard (toffeehoff) is held over for next meeting.
  • SWG mission statement (chrisfl) is in progress.
Review and discussion of partial draft SWG mission statement.
  • Meeting adjourned.


(10:00:04 AM) rweait: *** Shall we start logging? ***
(10:03:01 AM) samlarsen1: yes - start logging - any news on our talisman mikel?
(10:03:45 AM) rweait: no news here.
(10:06:16 AM) chrisfl [] entered the room.
(10:06:57 AM) chrisfl: Just seen the e-mails, completely forgot that we were moving the meeting forward to Wednesday.
(10:07:03 AM) rweait: anybody care to review and propose (or second) the minutes from last meeting?  
(10:07:05 AM) rweait:
(10:08:39 AM) filbertkm [] entered the room.
(10:10:24 AM) rweait: Welcome filbertkm.  we're just reviewing minutes from last meeting.  
(10:10:52 AM) filbertkm: Hi, here mainly to observe
(10:11:02 AM) rweait: Happy to have you here. 
(10:11:12 AM) filbertkm: Thanks
(10:11:32 AM) rweait: Minutes.  Anybody to propose?  
(10:11:43 AM) chrisfl: Proposed.
(10:12:03 AM) rweait: I suppose I should have given the right link, eh?  
(10:12:04 AM) rweait:
(10:13:26 AM) filbertkm: Wonder does anyone log these irc meetings and post them
(10:13:38 AM) rweait: While we are waiting on a second for the minutes.  HOw about setting the next meeting?  
(10:13:53 AM) chrisfl: 	
(10:13:55 AM) rweait: filbertkm: minutes link above includes the log.
(10:13:55 AM) chrisfl: filbertkm: Log is under the minutes
(10:14:04 AM) filbertkm: Wikimedia tends to do that with irc meetings so people unable to attend ar informed
(10:14:12 AM) filbertkm: Cool thanks 
(10:14:28 AM) rweait: and we started logging before you arrived. 
(10:15:02 AM) rweait: Next meeting date?  How about Thursday the 16?  
(10:15:04 AM) ***filbertkm prefers this to conference calls that can't be logged
(10:15:50 AM) rweait: Nothing?
(10:16:04 AM) chrisfl: 16th is good for me.
(10:16:26 AM) samlarsen1: seconded
(10:16:32 AM) rweait: Thank you. 
(10:16:37 AM) rweait: objections?
(10:17:06 AM) rweait: samlarsen, seconding the minutes, or the date? 
(10:17:06 AM) rweait:  
(10:17:13 AM) samlarsen1: minutes
(10:17:27 AM) rweait: no objections to the minutes?  
(10:17:45 AM) samlarsen1: no
(10:17:56 AM) rweait: I'll post the previous minutes as accepted.  
(10:18:22 AM) rweait: How about a second for the next meeting date, Thursday 16 Dec 2010 1500 UTC
(10:19:42 AM) rweait: Outsatnding from the previous minutes we have an item from Henk that will have to carry over as he isn't here.
(10:19:45 AM) samlarsen1: second for meeting
(10:19:53 AM) rweait: thank you samlarsen1
(10:20:12 AM) rweait: chrisfl do you have anything to report on the mission document? 
(10:20:47 AM) chrisfl: A little, I've meesed up a bit and forgot that the meeting was today :( 
(10:20:55 AM) rweait: me too. 
(10:21:19 AM) chrisfl: and was going to work on it this evening.... But I have a few lines.....
(10:21:31 AM) rweait: chrisfl, let's carry that over for next week then. 
(10:21:39 AM) rweait: How about some mission discussion?
(10:21:54 AM) chrisfl: So what I have so far is:
(10:21:58 AM) chrisfl: OSM Strategy
(10:22:04 AM) chrisfl: "OpenStreetMap Foundation is dedicated to encouraging the growth, development and distribution of free geospatial data and to providing geospatial data for anybody to use and share." [1]
(10:22:04 AM) rweait: Excellent!
(10:22:08 AM) chrisfl: Therefore overall stategy needs to be geared towards meeting this objective.
(10:22:12 AM) chrisfl: Overall stategy needs to embrace this and will meet the needs and expectations of the community.
(10:22:16 AM) chrisfl: Having an overall stategy will guide decisions when requests for resources etc. come up. 
(10:22:20 AM) chrisfl: This document is just a starting point for these discussions. 
(10:22:24 AM) chrisfl: OSM can work to achieve this by:
(10:22:28 AM) chrisfl: 1. Supporting Existing Mappers
(10:22:30 AM) chrisfl: This is a no brainer.
(10:22:38 AM) chrisfl: 2. Encouraging and Recruiting new Mappers.
(10:22:46 AM) chrisfl: 3. Supporting organisations that provide or use mapping data.
(10:22:48 AM) chrisfl: Much more controversial as these very much less likely to have a direct 
(10:23:18 AM) rweait: Thoughts?  
(10:23:40 AM) RichardF [] entered the room.
(10:23:48 AM) samlarsen1: 1 & 2 definately - 3, maybe needs some thought
(10:24:00 AM) rweait: Welcome RichardF
(10:24:28 AM) RichardF: hellooooo
(10:24:43 AM) samlarsen1: "provide or use" seems like everyone involved in geography
(10:25:18 AM) filbertkm: Agree, 3 doesn't seem quite right
(10:25:43 AM) chrisfl: RichardF: We're discussing my outline strategy (not very completed as I got the date of today's meeting wrong), you can see on
(10:25:51 AM) samlarsen1: do you mean : "Supporting organisations that provide or use OSM mapping data"
(10:26:02 AM) filbertkm: Mapping data or free/open source data
(10:26:14 AM) filbertkm: Or mappin data provided to osm
(10:26:19 AM) Firefishy [] entered the room.
(10:26:35 AM) samlarsen1: hi Firefishy: : We're discussing my outline strategy (not very completed as I got the date of today's meeting wrong), you can see on
(10:26:38 AM) chrisfl: sam think I was thinking OSM data, 
(10:26:54 AM) rweait: DO we want to distinguish what OSMF supports from what OSM contributors support?  
(10:27:23 AM) rweait: Ideally we want to focus on the SWG mission which would be a sub-set of the OSMF mission, no?
(10:29:05 AM) rweait: does this give you enough to work with chrisfl?
(10:29:40 AM) samlarsen1: rweait: "sub-set of the OSMF mission" - agree
(10:29:46 AM) chrisfl: Think so, I'll try and go through our previous minutes as well and include those discussions...
(10:30:05 AM) rweait: okay any other business for SWG to consider this week?  
(10:30:47 AM) rweait: I move that we adjourn.
(10:30:50 AM) filbertkm: What's the timeline for SWG?
(10:31:02 AM) rweait: secondarily I move that we each have coffee before the meeting next week. 
(10:31:11 AM) samlarsen1: don't think we have a timeline yet
(10:31:14 AM) samlarsen1: ?
(10:31:32 AM) chrisfl: Sorry about not having more written up
(10:31:43 AM) filbertkm: Hmm...
(10:31:44 AM) samlarsen1: rweait: seconded
(10:31:49 AM) rweait: chrisfl, no problem!
(10:32:02 AM) rweait: objections to adjourning?
(10:32:23 AM) filbertkm: No objections
(10:32:29 AM) samlarsen1: No objections
(10:32:35 AM) rweait: *** end logging ***