Working Group Minutes/Licensing Working Group Minutes, 2009-04-01

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OpenStreetMap Foundation
Licensing Working Group
1st April 2009
12:00-12:55 GMT/UTC

Present: Grant, Henk, Mike



(None – dealt with under specific items below)

Status of Clark Asay review

- current review items (as per Steve’s 10th March email)

Steve forwarded the LWG Clark’s responses to date. These are partial. LWG members to study them and then decide what is concrete enough to add to the wiki. As per Clay’s suggestion could we arrange a call by Steve to Clay focusing only on the Open Issues questions from the old and new list in which LWG members could listen in on so that we can all be up to speed and answer the community?

Grant has added that info update to the wiki.

- new review items

No action

ODbL 1.0 License release (Sat 28th March)

- Grant attended the OKFN conference. ODbL was not announced and was not discussed. Grant talked to Rufus informally. Grant’s feeling is that their license announcement is at least a week away.

Action: Grant to email Rufus/Jordan to get a revised date

Action: Mike to email license list reporting status

- Jordan is suggesting that [OSMF] sponsor a document outlining how we (OSM) would define certain terms and conditions such “Substantial” and where does a database and a Produced Work begin.

Action: Grant to talk to Frederik about drafting some text for both items

Info: The following resources are now available on the wiki

Copyright Violation Reporting Procedure


Any other matters regarding the ODbL itself

- ODC Advisory Council Representative board recommendation

LWG to recommend Mike to the main board via email with the suggestion that the the board also set a renewal date.

Action: Mike: Write the email as Secretary

'Any other matters regarding OSM’s instance of the ODbL ('Licensor, individual contributor licensing, bulk contributor licensing)

- SOTM 2009 workshop

The conference is in July so we are not sure if it will still be relevant so we will provisionally hold one.Grant, Henk and Mike at least will be available.

Action: Mike: Inform Nick Black

- Who is the Licensor?

Mike feels that given Clay’s recent response, we as the LWG should soonest actively recommend that the Licensor should be OSMF – the board or the community could choose not the follow that recommendation but it would give focus and potentially take one variable off the table. Grant recommended that first LWG needed to do its homework on institutional changes the OSMF could or should take to accommodate that.

Action: Mike: Talk to Etienne.

'Any other matters regarding OSM’s license consideration and implementation procedure'

- Essen mapping party feedback from Henk

17 people attended. Talking about the license, there were no issues from the majority. The main questions were about why a new license was needed and why we were pushing on time. Some worries about commercial influence allayed. Henk pointed out that language a barrier to understanding the new license outside english-speaking countries. Grant said Frederik Ramm has made an ODbL translation:

Next Meeting: 17:00 GMT / 18:00 BST Wed 8th April