Working Group Minutes/Licensing Working Group Minutes, 2009-03-25

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Licensing Working Gro[1]up
25th March 2009
18:00-19:00 GMT/UTC


Present: Mike, Steve, Henk, Grant


Unavailable: Mikel


Minutes of 11th March and 18th/19th March were approved and Mike will be post to the Foundation site Thursday.

In the interest of time, future minutes will be circulated in draft ASAP to LWG members with 1 day to respond; unless there is a request otherwise they will then be published to the Foundation website.

Status of Clark Asay review

- current review items (as per Steve’s 10th March email)

No reply received yet.

Action: Steve to follow up

- new review items

Henk and Mike produced a list of any new items from the wiki Use Case and Open Issues pages and emailed to Steve.

Action: Steve to push Clark for response.

Action: Grant to update wiki Open Issues page

Action: Steve to post message to list stating we still waiting response to Open Issues

ODbL 1.0 License release (Sat 28th March)

- Get confirmed release date/time, doc link location, communicate to OSM/OSMF

OKFN Conference:

Action: Grant to attend OKFN Conference. Will take notes.

Action: Steve Get ODbL 0.9/1.0 diff version and circulate to LWG

Copyright Violation Reporting Procedure

Grant has already set up support pages on wiki describing the procedure.

Action: Grant: Add links from

Any other matters regarding the ODbL itself

- ODC Advisory Council Representative

Mikel will not stand due to time constraints. Mike will stand.

Action: Mike will send out a message to the OSMF member’s list already circulated to LWG. Mike to email board for consensus.

Action: Steve – email ODC saying we have a specific candidate.

'Any other matters regarding OSM’s instance of the ODbL ('Licensor, individual contributor licensing, bulk contributor licensing)

Mike pointed out that we may need one set of specific terms for individual contributors and a broader process for bulk contributors, such as specific wording on

Action: Steve: Question for Clark: Can bulk contributors contribute under a different license, for example with a specific attribution clause.

'Any other matters regarding OSM’s license consideration and implementation procedure'

Henk to use this weekend’s Essen mapping party to discuss issues and will report back via email or at next meeting.

Implementation Plan:

- 31st March + 1 week add still?

OK, Yes

- 2 week members vote period to 1 week?

OK, Yes

Next Meeting: 1pm BST (note not GMT) Wed 1st April