Working Group Minutes/Licensing Working Group Minutes, 2009-03-06

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

OpenStreetMap Foundation Licensing Working Group 6th March 2009 19:30 GMT/UTC Minutes

Present: Steve, Grant, Mike, Mikel, Henk Apologies: Jordon


1. Comments review from wiki:

* Fredrik Ramm: ODbL 1.0 release at OKCon?

Not our decision. Our vote dependent on its merits.
Grant will attend, Steve may.

2. Response to community requests to “give us more time” (Mike)

Mostly already covered by prior discussion of implentation plan. And will review further at later stage.

3. Opening up this working group

* LWG will be cc’d on communications with Clark

Action: Grant will have LWG mailing list set up

* Open community call + IRC sessions in order to address questions. Weekend scheduled. March 14th, 4PM tentative. 2 hours. Technical chair needed (Andy?) w/ another media open for raising hands (another irc channel). Agenda needed, designed by community, with times for each issue (3-4 issues).

Action: Steve will check with Andy, and announce.

4. Situation regarding major contributors (Mike)

Discussed last meeting. Now identifying contributors, ask community to correct. Straighten up catalog and add contacts. In later meetings, we’ll triage how to deal with each


Action: Henk will straighten up catalog. Mike draft email asking for community corrections to this page.

Next meeting: Tuesday or Wednesday. Gloria to schedule.