Working Group Minutes/Licensing Working Group Minutes, 2009-03-05

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OpenStreetMap Foundation Licensing Working Group 5th March 2009 19:00 GMT/UTC Minutes

Present: Steve, Grant, Mike, Henk
Apologies: Jordon
Unavailable: Mikel


Minute: Jordon emailed Steve prior to call, apologized for not being able to make call. He is spending more time responding to ODbL license discussion on their side.

1 Steve asked for open discussion of sense of mailinglists.

Grant, Mike and Henk views…
Generally positive about license on mailing list, but fair amount of negativity regarding regarding process and communications. Select few have very negative views and we should actively work with them.

2 Work through and respond to as many of:

Steve to consult with Clark for feedback, agreed with all on call. (see 4)

3 The Use Cases page has lists in plain english some of the things we want to do with the data and we have had a legal response to some. It would be helpful if you could explain the Use Cases to our lawyer so he can give answers to the ones where he has said ‘I need someone to walk me through this one’:-

: A ‘pure’ OSM perspective should of course come from the OSMF lawyer and I hope you/the ‘licensing group’ will be able to explain some of the outstanding Use Cases to him so he can give an opinion. Is that going to be possible within the consultation phase?

Action: Steve to consult with Clark for feedback, agreed with all on call. (see 4)

4 “Convey” / “Use” ambiguity on “Produced Work”s and triggering sharealike… what needs doing to be resolved. Leave with ODC?

Action: Steve to consult with Clark for feedback, agreed with all on call.
Steve will make a wiki page which will list everything in agenda items 2, 3 and 4 which will be a draft of the email to be sent to Clark, community invited to vet the email.

5 Implementation Plan discussions:

Discussion around this version:

Grant, Mike, Henk and Steve fleshed out items in implementation plan taking on board some issues from community….

Grant suggested clarifying text of 20th March item to make it clear it is only ODbL comments.
Amended: * End of OpenData Commons’ ODbL 1.0 comment period. This is the close of the comment period on the ODbL ”’*only*”’ and this is driven by its author and its home at the OKFN. This is not the close of comments on how, when and if OSM adopts that license.

Grant suggested adding Jordon’s comment that there he would add a revision posted to (Post meeting source: )
Added: * Date unknown, Jordan (the author of the ODbL) has said he will publish a further draft on the [ comment site] based on the comments received, before the end of the comment process. We don’t know when that date will be.

Grant: 31st March… believes the community felt the 1 week period was to short. Expanded to 2 weeks.
Henk: suggested reminding all members after 1 week who have not yet responded.
Mike: Need to clarify that 31st March is when OSMF board first considers endorsing license. Not fixed in stone that it would happen on that date.

Grant: Clarify delete text on “+ 2 weeks point: Website to allow users to voluntarily agree to new license.”… Added: (no decision to actually remove data from the central database yet… )

Henk: Raised that no data will actually be “deleted” and will continue to be available in older planet files under CC-BY-SA.
Added: +2months : * A final planet.osm export of the database under the CC-BY-SA license will be published and will be made available for an indefinite period.
History export was dicussed but no resolution.

Discussion when community will interact with data import contributors…
discussed we don’t want 100 people going to AND, 100 people to XYZ…
Some initial contact has already happend (eg AND), but OSM has not yet decided on the license. Unsure about correct date.
added: * Large data imports where permission has been given previously (AND, GeoBase etc) are asked formally to agree to release their data under the ODbL. (informal communications ongoing lead up to this point led by the working group and the groups/individuals who worked on the imports).

Action: Grant to publish to wiki.

Henk had to leave due to other another meeting.

Action: Steve going to post summary of Licensing working group meeting to list.

Next Meeting: This Friday (discussed on call, 2 hour call. Henk absent at point of decision)