Working Group Minutes/Licensing Working Group Minutes, 2009-02-02

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Licensing Working Group Minutes, 20090202

PRESENT: Steve, Grant, Jordan, Mikel


* Jordan raised point on implementation of ODbL for OSM. As usual, caveat applies that Jordan is not OSM’s lawyer. Individual contributions may not be protectable, but the collection is. Need to structure in some practical way to clearly dilineate. One guideline is whether the OSMF has an active role in order to have rights over OSM .. such as maintaining the database. Clarity may require a formal transfer of rights: contributors assign rights to the Foundation, and the Foundation licenses the entire collective work.

Action: Steve to consult with Clark.

* Update on license text progress. Clark and Jordan had productive conversation last week. Jordan gives part of tomorrow to incorporating those comments. Very close to draft.

Action: Circulate earlier revision to board (as per Board Meeting agreement 20090124).

* Plan: All dates moved forward one week. Steve and Jordan agreed to coordinate announce to legal-talk and posting of licensing to ODC website. Jordan and Rufus are working on a FAQ addressing community process of ODbL.

* Use Cases: Steve has asked Clark for specific responses to use cases on wikis. Dependent on final draft, but some response should be possible in time for announcement.

* OSMF-OKFN: Need to discuss representation of OSMF at OKFN.

Action: Steve to arrange call with Rufus.

NEXT MEETING? Possibly Friday.