Working Group Minutes/Licensing Working Group Minutes, 2009-01-22

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Present: Steve, Grant, Mikel, Jordan, Clark from WSGR

* Tech mtg review *

Much of code for accepting license is done. Plan, schedule still in development.
Lock out before emailing individuals.

* Beginnings of the Plan *

* Post new license;
* set cut off period where they have to agree;
* interim pre-agreement period;
* must accept license to continue editing;
* then make a judgement on date for absolute removal (then individual emails) and official
* release under new license

* The Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN) *

Steve and Jordan have talked with Rufus about this community.
Rufus is Ok setting up website and discuss mailing list. Weblog, etc.
Beginnings announced already on okfn blog,

* Text of the license *

Clark has written comments for Jordan to review. They will discuss next week.
Within next 2 weeks license ready for distribution.

* Actions *

Steve will work on Waiting on integrated timeline for technical team, process, license, and API 0.6

Next meeting: after Clark and Jordan talk. Possibly next Thursday or Friday