Working Group Minutes/EWG 2024-05-24

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

These minutes are a draft.

Formal proceedings


  • Tobias Knerr
  • Andrew Hain
  • Mikel Maron
  • Robert Koeze
  • Roland Olbricht



  • Adam Hoyle
  • Emerson Rocha

Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of 2024-04-26 and 2024-05-10 are late, hence not yet available for approval.

Vector Tiles (Ongoing Projects)

Time spent so far:

  • Software design and development phase - 80.8%
  • Shortbread implementation - 121.4%
  • Shortbread beta testing and user feedback collection - 55%
  • Parallelism implementation - 28%
  • Other - 11%

Total Days spent - 23.5 days

Adam has prepared a blog post draft and sent it to the CWG based on the demo. This is an ongoing conversation. Paul has a plan how to continue (see documents).

The recent events have brought up the question how vector tiles relate to vandalism problems. There is no intrinsic relation known to the EWG, i.e. implementation and operations details will determine the susceptibility or non-susceptibility to vandalism.

GDPR (Future Projects)

The planning is based on the document from 2016. The public discussion of this project is at the pull request.

The LWG has responded that they are asking an expert to look at the details, but the plan in general appears solid. The have asked the EWG whether it can confirm that ever user has seen and accepted the Terms of Use.

There is a box to tick, at least from new users. The EWG has to check whether the consent is recorded in the database, i.e we have preponderance of evidence who has agreed to the Terms of Use. Andrew volunteers to give that feedback to LWG and tell them that we wait for the legal advice they have seeked out.

The EWG will postpone the tender preparations by at least two weeks to ensure it is in line with the legal advice.

Other tasks:

  • Clarify remaining open issues in the document (There are still topics we've discussed, but not added the results to the wiki)
  • Decide whether we want to have a SotM talk about this (Moved from previous meeting.)

Sovereign Tech Fund (STF) (Future Projects)

Adam is working on this and in contact with Sarah.

Refactoring of OSM website notes (Ongoing Projects)

This comment from 7 Feb is essentially where the project got stalled. It is now waiting for feedback from the maintainers of openstreetmap-website.

Emerson has volunteered to ping them but is currently unavailable due to personal reasons. The maintainers have not responded to a first attempt to contact them on the matters.

An EWG member has heard rumors that one of the maintainers has himself currently limited availability due to personal reasons. But there is hope that the other one is available, and the EWG sees value in seeking contact.

iD Development (Ongoing Projects)

This is ongoing work and active. The last meeting has taken place last Wednesday. Currently there is focus on mentoring for the just started Google Summer of Code projects.

Martin started to write up some notes what is going on. Monthly meetings ongoing, Mikel encourages more outreach.

Quincy has been interested in taking up some work. Martin and/or Quincy might apply for extra funding outside the Foundation.

Guiding volunteers to funding opportunities

The EWG sees it as valuable to collect comprehensive information about opportunities in one place, including successful projects.

No one is volunteering for this as of now and it is not urgent, so it is deferred to be revisited later.

Responding to inquiries about contribution opportunities

Two recent emails inquiring for contribution opportunities have been answered by Robert.

The EWG deems it useful to solicit from maintainers of OpenStreetMap related projects if they are interested in extra contributors and if so under which particular conditions. This shall give thse replies more content. The EWG is not really prepared to answer those questions.

Microgrants (Future Projects)

Compare minutes of 2024-04-26. The templates are now complete.

Salim volunteers to write an FAQ to support potential applicants. Operating rules for the scoring committee are still pending. Salim volunteers to prepare the jury stuff as well.

Any other business

Secretary tasks are behind. No action from that so far.

TomTom has informed the EWG that it is considering to offer a hackathon and plans to invite people from OSM.