Working Group Minutes/EWG 2024-01-10

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Formal proceedings


  • Andrew Hain
  • Adam Hoyle
  • Tobias Knerr
  • Roland Olbricht


  • Tobias Jordans


  • Emerson Rocha

Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the last meeting have been approved with 1 abstention, because they we given on very short notice.

Active Projects

Refactoring of OSM website notes

Gregory has made a proposal towards the notes refactoring call. The call itself has been publicly announced on the usual GitHub repository and open for two months. However, it has not been promoted on other channels, and there is some discussion if we should do so now to possibly encourage additional bids for this call.

Motion: The EWG commissions Gregory to perform the work under the condition that Andy Allan gives OK for the chosen approach.

The motion carried.

Adam volunteers to approve the pull request with a note that Andy Allan shall be consulted whether the approach makes sense before kick-off.

The EWG acknowledges and appreciates that Tobias Jordans is in direct contact with Gregory about progress. Roland has been in contact w.r.t. billing and shall stay in contact beyond billing.

Status of Mute Users feature

The work has been marked as completed.

Gregory's invoice has been approved by the treasurer and is paid.

Tobias Jordans gives feedback that about half of the work has been communication. The EWG deems this to be expected: The Foundation has neither employed nor otherwise appointed anyone for project management or User Experience management, so these tasks fall into the role of the implementer to a large degree. Gregory has taken this into account for his effort estimation.

Vector Tiles

Paul has submitted his first invoice. This gave rise to the question what the invoice shall contain.

It is not necessary to document the work progress directly per the invoice. Adam is in contact with Paul for metering the progress. The express purpose of this is that we discover early if the budget might not match the remaining work plan and cut down the work plan.

Future Projects


Andrew has drafted a RFP for the GDPR work:

The EWG has not come to a strict consensus here. The exact deliverable is still quite unclear, it is not specified out sufficiently. Not doing anything is not showing goodwill for even better GDPR compliance. On the other hand, we do never know whether we fall short or overshoot.

Given the time that has passed and the recent vandalism incidents it might be wise to revisit the decisions where we have legitimate interest to enable the community to self-fix vandalism. Other than that, the wiki page is potentially sufficient detail to be actionable. Action item: ask Simon Poole, MDD, and the LWG each whether the wiki page is still at least generally correct.

Given that altering the website's user interface is a far smaller risk for breaking interoperability, it is considered to split the work into at least two parts:

  • 1 project that handles disallow for website and
  • 1 project for the API

In particular, for the website, the infrastructure to authenticate users already exists. For the API, it also must be considered how this shall be implemented on CGImap.

(Adam has to leave the meeting at this point due to overrun meeting time).

Budget planning

Roland has shared a draft Budget ask amounting to 190k€ Double website work (+15k) to account for GDPR work.

Milestones for future projects

Dropped because meeting time overrun.


Dropped because meeting time overrun.

Any other business

No other business.