Working Group Minutes/EWG 2023-11-01

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Formal proceedings


  • Andrew Hain
  • Adam Hoyle
  • Tobias Knerr
  • Roland Olbricht
  • Emerson Rocha


  • Salim Baidoun

Communication methods

Adam has created a Telegram channel and connected it to Element. The only known limitation is that it transfers no emoji reactions between platforms.

GitHub hygiene

Access to the GitHub repo of the EWG: currently Andrew, Robert, Roland, and Tobias have access. Robert is to be removed as he has left the EWG, Adam is to be added.

Adam volunteers to tidy up ewg_bidding (e.g. update root README to make it clear that project has been approved). Tobias volunteers to add a comment to the approved pull request to show what is going on (e.g. it is approved and being worked on).

Secretary work

Roland agrees to restart sending messages about 24 h before the meeting. These had been replaced by the calendar entries, but are useful in their own right.

Actual business

Website work

Status of Mute Users feature

Emerson volunteers to keep an eye on relevant activity and the status of Gregory's work (issues etc.) and to report to EWG.

Gregory's work is well progressing: Gregory already made some interactions in October on the GitHub repo of the OSM website, see in this GitHub tool. For example:

  • This one was accepted.
  • This one was closed (because of dependencies, so okay).
  • This one is open for feedback now (and it's a big one, consider click watch on GitHub).

There is others interactions, but it is flowing relatively fast.

Future projects

TobiasJ has for that purpose prepared a pull request towards the EWG repo: TobiasJ has improved the text related to Notes functionality and handle communication with the maintainer team.

The EWG voted unanimously to merge the PR.

  • Tobias to merge the PR
  • Roland - to write a blog post for CommunicationWG to promote 2nd RFP / accomplished work on 1st RFP
  • next meeting: coordinate inform on + look up list of channels we promoted the previous RFP (in previous meeting minutes)

How does this relate to GDPR? That work shall be done also. Andrew is going to look at starting an RFP for the GDPR work.

Sovereign Tech Fund

Adam has reached out to them.

Independently, we got a status update through Sarah: the Sovereign Tech Fund needs more time. Coincidentally, the German government who is funding the fund, has got an emergency general spending stop, so the fund might not be able to pay at all.


Salim to present ideas and next steps. Deferred.

FYI: Anti-Vandalism Tools

Roland reports on recent developments: Recent waves of politically motivated vandalism have triggered implementation of some new limitations; expected to go live within the next few days or weeks. TomH is doing this, the EWG is not directly involved. Roland is going to present related insights about his research on historical activity patterns of newly registered users at SotM-EU.

The pull request also includes a flag for pre-approved accounts used for agreed-on imports/mechanical edits. As there is neither a process to grant a bot account right now nor a straightforward approach to this, this flag remains inaccessible from the user interface on purpose.

Any other business

OpenStreetMap CLDR equivalent (early draft, temporary naming)

Initial proposal by Emerson Rocha.

The link for the early draft is this one. Note that this is a large framework/workflow-like "project of projects", focused on help developers with OSM-related software interact with each other then eventually have endorsable-like deriverables, so it would take time to decide.

No decision/feedback on the details. Put it on the agenda for a later meeting.

Vector Tiles

Put on the agenda for a later meeting. Roland is tasked to ask Guillaume and Sarah about the state of the project.

Any other business

Next meeting

Next meeting is 2023-11-15, 16:30 UTC