Working Group Minutes/EWG 2023-04-04

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Formal proceedings


  • Andrew
  • Tobias
  • Roland
  • Robert

Actual business

Funding application process

(similar to Microgrants)

Robert is working on the framework document that will structure how individuals/groups apply for funding. This is a WIP. Will try to share with group before the next meeting.

OSM Website

Sovereign Tech Fund

It is felt like this might be a worthwhile thing to pursue and that it might fit with the aims of the fund.

We might be able to use this to pay for work on the OSM website, specifically reviewing PRs and other changes.

Are there any timelines for applications or deadlines we should otherwise be aware of? No there is no formal deadline.

Should we invite OSM Website maintainers to EWG meeting to discuss? That would make sense to do.

In terms of grant size we're talking about at least 150k (minimum funding size). This could be 2 years worth of development.

We need to get to a point with the data model project where we can act.

The question to ask Andy and Tom is what they think of doing something like this.

We should also ask Tom and Andy about GDPR as well.

Robert will convey the amount of money, years of work, etc to Andy.

Is this position intended to become permanent and come from general funds after grant ends?

We should limit the term to 2 years but also look at scaling up the budget to make it permanent.

Does it make sense to shelve other bids?

Let's put it on pause because we don't have interest at the moment and should wait to see how tech fund develops.

Timeline should be to invite Andy and Tom to meeting from 4 weeks from now.

Should other parties be invited?

We should make board aware of work that is being done.

GDPR follow up

Will follow up with Andy about email.

Mute users bid

Roland will email the Ruby foundation.

Robert reached out to agency and is waiting to hear back.

Add this to next meeting's agenda as "Get in touch with Ruby community"

Data model

Roland gave a talk about first incremental step at German FOSSGIS conference. Basic jist is it's possible to clean up way history and enforce with editor that it always upload new way version when node is ordered.

Other topic of discussion: Introduction of an area (polygon with single outer ring, multiple inner rings, limit on number of nodes) data type. Introducing new data type and no new constraints allows this to happen incrementally.

Data Model was a topic of discussion at board meeting. Board would like to schedule a meeting with EWG, OWG, and OSM website maintainers to ensure we are all on same page. Goal for the second quarter is that the board has an idea about feedback from these groups. However, board is still expecting us to work on this in the meantime.

Technical discussion about compatability of new and old data formats, gradual switchover versus hard deadline.

Next step is to get in touch with maintainers, OWG, etc. to let them know we're talking about this.

Additional project ideas

While Rails port development gets up to speed we might consider looking for other projects in the ecosystem.

Any other business

Next meeting

Next meeting is 2023-04-18, 16:30 UTC: