Working Group Minutes/EWG 2023-03-07

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Formal proceedings


  • Tobias Knerr
  • Adam Hoyle
  • Andrew Hain
  • Brandon Liu
  • Guillaume Rischard
  • Mateusz Konieczny
  • Paul Norman
  • Ramya Ragupathy
  • Robert Koeze
  • Roland Olbricht

Actual business

Vector tiles

Generating vector tiles for from minutely diffs

Paul has already made a prototype to produce vector tiles from a minutely updated osm2pgsql database.

No open solution, several proprietary solutions exist.

No caching on development version, but tile storage in PostgreSQL.

Style "Street Spirit" prepared for that, because anyway styles are adapted to the rendering engine.

Coarse zooms areasolved by selecting features. No special sauce for generalization, but available generalization can be used.

TileServer != Rendering Engine != ...

Paul opts for minimal size, Tobias expects faithful tiles at fine enough zoom.

HotQA tiles:

Worst Case size for optimized vector tile 1MB, multi-MB tiles sizes break mobile device's software

Vector tiles are still improvement, because you only need software and sophisticated styles, no longer computation power, to produce any custom rendering.

Marqin(?) vs Tilekiln: M needs pregeneration. PostgreSQL functions vs query optimizier. Tilekiln is in Python (and not big) to avoid bus factor

Distinct from OSM Carto, no synergies.

Mute users bid

Deadline is next week (March 13, 2023)

Next meeting

Next meeting is 2023-03-21, 16:30 UTC: