Working Group Minutes/EWG 2023-02-07

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Formal proceedings


  • Adam
  • Andrew
  • Robert
  • Tobias

Actual business

Budget request

Tobias has shared a preliminary budget estimate with the board. A more detailed breakdown would be welcome.

We have received some ideas by Craig on de-bottlenecking our project pipeline.

Questions from the board about where the money will go (development, drafting specifications).

Not sure if we have enough of an idea of what we will be doing to give an accurate estimate

The data model study was 9,600 euros. 5 projects at 10k each would be one way to approach it using that first funded project as a baseline.

We have a problem of a bottleneck in terms of funding projects. Does paying someone to write a spec resolve that bottleneck?

What about paying the maintainers? That is one option as well.

Additional Project Ideas

API key management

Touch base with Roland about reaching out to Simon, tyrasd, and JOSM devs whether they have established processes with other providers.

Given that this is a Roland thing we'll come back to it when he is present.

Data model

Postpone until next meeting. Tobias needs to talk to Jochen.

Do we need someone to be more involved in guiding the discussions we've kicked off? The work we've paid Jochen for is over.

Not something we need to address now however.

Mute user bid

Text for blog post is ready.

Adam will reach out to CWG to get the blog post published.

GDPR follow up

We should send email to Andy and Tom about how we might work on the Rails port GDPR changes

Google Summer of Code

So far only have 4 project ideas listed. More would be better. Do we know of any other projects that would be interested in participating in GSoC?

We could look at using some of the tasks we've discussed. But the issue there is we still would need to find a mentor to guide that work.

Any other business

Should we prune the EWG members list?

The first step could be to reach out to members who are not attending and see if they would be interested in doing so again.

Andrew volunteers to reach out.

New minutes strategy: start from skeleton pad every meeting

It is agreed!

On the foundation site it says we still meet on Mondays. This has been updated?

Date of next meeting


Next meeting

Next meeting is 2023-02-21, 16:30 UTC: