Working Group Minutes/EWG 2022-11-21

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Formal proceedings


  • Robert (excused)
  • Adam
  • Andrew
  • Tobias
  • Roland

Actual business

Data model

Action items:

  • Touch base with Ramya to give updates on the brief summary Adam and Roland put together to be shared with the community.

Adam will edit and expand on the blog post discussing what has happened with the discussion surrounding the proposed data model changes.

Review bid

Action items:

  • Touch base with Adam about status of blog post

It is decided that Andrew will write an FYI message to Tom and Andy.

GDPR follow up

We received a reply from Mikel with the materials produced by the board:

There are three different sub-projects:

  1. Rails Port only changes
  2. Rails Port and CGImap in sync changes
  3. planet tools, including telling the mappers a paradigm of what is happening to their data

Roland will scan for those items that affect Rails Port only. Goal: make a project description from that.

It is decided that we will turn one of these into a project in January.

Discuss website redesign issue

Relevant links:

It was felt that the scope of this is too large to be addressed at this time.

Wikibase extension

Other options:

  • rip out
  • get Wikidata working
  • employ TomH (or task Grant)
  • fork Wikibase
  • contact Wikimedia for specific support
  • dump the data, Noop?

Roland will write a note to Tom about this.

Additional Project Ideas

Any other business

Next meeting

Next meeting is 2022-12-05: