Working Group Minutes/EWG 2022-11-07

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Formal proceedings


  • Adam Hoyle
  • Andrew Hain
  • Tobias Knerr
  • Ramya Ragupathy
  • Robert Koeze
  • Roland Olbricht

Actual business

Data model


  • 4 weeks ago, we decided to share updates with the community to encourage more discussion. So far, we haven't actually done this and discussion has mostly died down.
  • We still lack an actionable plan to move forward with this project.

Action items:

  • Touch base with Ramya to give updates on the brief summary Adam and Roland put together to be shared with the community.

Hope is to present a proposal to the board after further discussion with the community - aim to get it raised to the board for January.

We will likely need (part time) project management in addition to, or even in advance of, the implementation work.

  • Roland will draft a blog post in the next few days.
  • Ramya will nudge Roland if nothing has been delivered before Thurs
  • Roland and Adam will share the blog post on "usual channels". Eg
    • Discord (Adam)
    • OSMUS Slack (Adam)
    • "dev" email list (Adam)
    • "osmf-talk" email list (Tobias)
    • Community Forum (Tobias)
    • dev IRC/Element channel (Adam)
    • Telegram Groups (Asia / India) (Ramya)
    • Telegram "osm-community-bulding" (Adam)
    • Go through list of places on OSM Community Index

Review updated bid

Action items: Touch base with Adam about status of blog post


Pending for CWG feedback on the blog post, but bids can then immediately accepted.

Get it picked up by OSM Weekly

Promote via "usual channels" (see above)

Ramya volunteers to spread the message to Telegram Groups of Asia and India.

No explicit deadline. Announce flexible deadline with one-week-deadline-notice.

GDPR follow up

We received a reply from Mikel with the materials produced by the board:

There are three different sub-projects:

  1. Rails Port only changes
  2. Rails Port and CGImap in sync changes
  3. planet tools, including telling the mappers a paradigm of what is happening to their data

Roland will scan for those items that affect Rails Port only. Goal: make a project description from that.

Action items:

  • Touch base with Rob on Roland's progress

Additional Project Ideas

Call for additional project ideas.

Next time agenda item:

Any other business

Next meeting

Next meeting is 2022-11-21: