Working Group Minutes/EWG 2022-10-24

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Formal proceedings


  • Andrew Hain
  • Adam Hoyle
  • Robert Koeze
  • Tobias Knerr

Adam volunteers to take notes this meeting.

Actual business

Touch base with Harry if present (postponed from last meeting)

Several meetings ago, Harry offered to share some work he's thinking of doing on the OSM website. Specifically in regard to a list of things he'd received from Frederik.

This conversation with Harry is postponed as he is not present.

Adam does relay that when he touched base with Harry, Harry had constructive feedback on the project funding framework, specifically that it required developers to submit a fixed cost bid. His worry was that given the time it takes to get a PR reviewed, things might drag on.

Discussion ensues about how we might clarify this.

Data model

Roland and Adam had volunteered to write write a short "blog post"/update to publicise the discussions that are being had on Github concerning Jochen's Data model study.

Ramya is not present but had said she would share updates via @engineering. This topic is postponed until next meeting.

Review updated bid

Adam reports on the status of the blog draft post. The group agrees that it looks good and can proceed according to the following schedule:

  • Merge branch into master (Robert)
  • OSMF Blog post - send draft to Communications Working Group (Robert)
  • reference Github page on (Adam)
  • promote on "usual channels"
    • Discord (Adam)
    • OSMUS Slack (Adam)
    • "dev" email list (Adam)
    • "osmf-talk" email list (Tobias)
    • Community Forum (Tobias)
    • dev IRC/Element channel (Adam)


GDPR follow up

We received a reply from Mikel with the materials produced by the board:

There are three different sub-projects:

  1. Rails Port only changes
  2. Rails Port and CGImap in sync changes
  3. Planet tools, including telling the mappers a paradigm of what is happening to their data

Roland will scan for those items that affect Rails Port only. Goal: make a project description from that.

Rob had volunteered to report back on Roland's progress. Rob is not present, however, so this is postponed until next week.

Additional Project Ideas

Call for additional project ideas.

Any other business

Next meeting

Next meeting is 2022-11-07: