Working Group Minutes/EWG 2022-08-29

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Formal proceedings


  • Tobias Knerr
  • Andrew Hain
  • Brandon Liu
  • Paul Norman
  • Roland Olbricht


  • Robert
  • Adam

Actual business

Touch base with Harry if present

It is decided to carry this over to the next meeting

Data model

Jochen has completed his data model study. Follow up on conversation has happened at SOTM.

Jochen's talk:

Study is now licensed CC BY-SA 4.0

Preliminary discussion site was set up:

It is suggested that we discuss on the Github Discussions page and touch base next meeting about the result of those discussions.

Things to consider:

  • more official publication?
  • general discussion / next steps

Decision: Confirm that Jochen has delivered what we asked for, ask him to send an invoice.

The decision is unanimously approved.

General discussion:

  • shim layer wanted? possible?
  • How to unglue ways?
  • When to inform data downstream users about the changes? (suggestion: not before actual implementations are available)

Review updated bid

Touch base about status of project description. Currently waiting for feedback from maintainers.


Carry over to the next meeting to finalize it given that Robert is not present.

Follow up on osm-carto frustration

Discuss the topic of clickable POIs.

Discussion between EWG and osm-carto maintainers has not taken place so far

There was discussion in response to a question from the OSMF board:

Actionable item: ask osm-carto whether they want help

  • do you need a piece of software
  • shall we facilitate contact with someone

Clear statement: osm-carto is in CartoCSS and based on server-side rendering, hence independent of a vector tile style.

One thing to do: local maps, is a UI problem, find a venue to discuss this (for example website Github repo, OWG Github repo)

GDPR follow up

We received a reply from Mikel with the materials produced by the board: - -

Move to next meeting.

Discuss status of Wiki-related project ideas

Tigerfell does not have the capacity to coordinate feedback on the ideal outcome of a unified homepage and wiki login from the wiki team.

There is some recent activity on the relevant GitHub issue:

It was decided to move this to the archive of project ideas.

Additional Project Ideas

Call for additional project ideas.

No one offered up any additional ideas.

Any other business

Next meeting

Next meeting is 2022-09-12: