Working Group Minutes/EWG 2022-08-15

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Formal proceedings


  • Tobias Knerr
  • Andrew Hain
  • Jochen Topf
  • Rob Savoye
  • Robert Koeze
  • Roland Olbricht
  • Brandon Liu

Actual business

Touch base with Harry if present

Serval meetings ago Harry offered to share some work he's thinking of doing on the OSM website. Specifically in regard to a list of things he'd received from Frederik.

Harry was not able to make the meeting. It was discussed that the group might attempt to connect with Harry at SotM.

Data model

Jochen has completed his data model study (40 page pdf)

Jochen's talk:

There will also be a BoF

It should be on Jochen's blog at the time of SotM.

We as EWG want to response to the document not earlier than some weeks after the SotM to increase visibility, aiming at the Weekly.

Review updated bid

Touch base about status of project description.


Consensus is to merge the GitHub PR

Follow up on osm-carto frustration

Discuss the topic of clickable POIs. Roland still plans to discuss the topic with osm-carto maintainers.

GDPR follow up

Simon Poole's post about GDPR:

Ask Mikel to send any material he has about the previous attempt (TODO Robert).

Had the LWG been involved before the first attempt such that makes sense to look for insight there? What about the necessary policy decisions?

Revisit on next meeting.

Discuss status of Wiki-related project ideas

Tigerfell does not have the capacity to coordinate feedback on the ideal outcome of a unified homepage and wiki login from the wiki team.

There is some recent activity on the relevant GitHub issue:

Postpone until after Jochen/Harry/GDPR/Carto/"'Mute' call for bids" projects

Additional Project Ideas

Call for additional project ideas.

Any other business

Minutes of 2022-07-04 can go on the Wiki.

Robert will look after 2022-07-18 notes.

SotM meetup plans

Use the BoF system to arrange a time + room

Roland to gather "blocked" times where some members have their own talks

Guests are welcome.

Next meeting

Next meeting is 2022-08-29: