Working Group Minutes/EWG 2022-08-01

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Formal proceedings


  • Andrew Hain
  • Ramya Ragupathy
  • Rob Savoye
  • Robert Koeze
  • Tobias Knerr


  • Adam Hoyle
  • Roland Olbricht

Actual business

Discuss new note taking app

Ramya presents her investigation into ChaosPad alternatives.


Chaospad - Team site:

  • Admin account invites sent for a test setup
  • OpenStreetMap domain name already taken for team site
  • Can group all pads related to team in one place
  • Pads can be archived
  • All team pads can be downloaded as a zip file
  • Option of public and private pads
  • No way to name pads
  • Team name can be modified under application configuration section

Other options:

  • Firepad

Decision: Use the Chaospad Team site


  • Migrate existing content to the Chaospad team
  • Robert to add all EWG members to the Chaospad team

OSM website mute feature

The group discusses feedback on updates to project description of the "Mute other users" openstreetmap-website feature.


Open questions:

  1. Functionality when a blocked user sends a message (silent rejection?)
  2. Other notifications -> project description should not affect the functionality of other notifications, in particular not changeset comments

Task: Robert to send the project description to the project maintainers again

Working with Harry

Discussion with Harry Wood is postponed.

OSM Carto

Postponed, waiting for Roland's communication with osm-carto maintainers.


Robert has reached out to Simon, but has not heard back yet.

Additional project ideas

Tobias mentions the idea of CityGML import tooling, which is briefly discussed.

Any other business

Would the EWG meet at SOTM?

  • No specific agenda, but we can try and meet people attending the conference in-person
  • Maybe coordinate over IRC to organise a meetup

Next meeting is 2022-08-15