Working Group Minutes/EWG 2022-06-20

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

These minutes currently are a draft.

Formal proceedings


  • Tobias Knerr
  • Roland Olbricht
  • Adam Hoyle
  • Robert Koeze
  • Andrew Hain
  • Harry Wood


  • Rob Savoye

Actual business

Review updated project funding framework

It is decided to update the project framework to reflect feedback on importance of bringing stakeholders into the project review process earlier. The group expresses that it is ok with the changes. Robert volunteers to update the wiki.

Review updated bid

Roland notes that things have gone as expected and we have received a lot of good feedback. It is agreed that we should make clear a couple of things:

  • Email notifications are in scope and should also be muted
  • The social aspect of sharing block lists is out of scope
  • Muting changeset comments is also out of scope

Regarding feedback on the use of Github as a project management tool, Adam notes that it works in part because our audience is largely developers. For the moment it is agreed we will stay with Github. While not perfect, members of the group are not aware of any viable alternatives but are open to suggestions from outside the group.

The topic of involving stakeholders earlier is discussed and it is agreed that this is a good idea.

Discuss Wiki-related project ideas

Roland asks if there is any follow-up from last week. Tobias makes the point that the multimaps tool is in need of a maintainer. The need for an EWG funded task is less apparent. Harry mentions there are a couple of other map solutions out there and shares this link. Adam feels like the login issue is the better candidate to work on first. Roland agrees.

Adam also shares the following thoughts with the group:

  • What is the ideal outcome?
    • Ability to login with either wiki or OSM account?
    • Move everyone to login with OSM account?
  • Need a comparison between accounts on wiki and
    • E.g. how many don’t have identical email etc
    • Operations Working Group has access to the data
    • Need to define how account renaming / merging / terminating would work

Harry shares this link to the wiki concerning single sign on.

When discussing what the EWG should focus on, Andrew makes the point that part of the working group's remit is to do the boring stuff that's nevertheless useful.

It is decided that the EWG will ask the wiki team for a description of the ideal outcome for this process of unifying the homepage and wiki login. This will be done through tigerfell. Tobias volunteers to do this.

Roland suggests we close this topic due to time.

Follow up on osm-carto frustration

A general brainstorming follows:

  • The question is asked to what extent overlay solutions determined by local groups are viable.
  • There are other potential solutions:
    • For instance improvements to search bar to view certain results might make a difference.
  • One solution would be making it easier to produce an alternative to osm-carto. Vector tiles would enable this.

Andrew also shares some of his notes:

It is agreed that we will put items from Andrews list on agenda for next time, collect feedback, and then discuss in the next meeting whether or not we want to pursue a project independent of vector tiles.

Additional Project Ideas

It is agreed to postpone this to next meeting.

Any other business

Andrew asks if anyone has seen Simon Poole's post about GDPR. Some of the members have, some haven't yet. The group agrees that this is something we should read, review and discuss at the next meeting.

Adam asks to be added back to the OSMF engineering group in element.

Harry offers to share some work he's thinking of doing on the OpenStreetMap website. This will be put on the agenda for next meeting due to a lack of time today.

Next meeting is 2022-07-04