Working Group Minutes/EWG 2022-06-06

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Formal proceedings


  • Tobias Knerr
  • Roland Olbricht
  • Adam Hoyle
  • Brandon Liu
  • Robert Koeze
  • Andrew Hain


  • Rob Savoye

Actual business

Call for additional project ideas

No new project ideas are discussed. The group moves on to discuss wiki related tasks because Wiki admin tigerfell is present.

Wiki-related project ideas

tigerfell presents an overview of the following potential tasks. See bullet points for that discussion and the brainstorming that followed.

1. Unifying homepage and wiki logins

  • Wikipedia has unified user accounts across languages, having gone through a similar process recently.
  • There is a desire to login with OSM credentials to the wiki (and vice-versa).
  • Whatever we do, we'll need to ensure we properly communicate it because otherwise changes like this could cause a lot of confusion.
  • One potential problem exists with matching accounts:
    • We don't have an idea of the extent of the problem, because the wiki admin has no access to user email addresses (OWG has access to the database).
    • There is occasionally a need for multiple accounts on both sides.
    • It may not be fully possible to unify accounts. For instance, there are different requirements for usernames on the wiki and OSM sites.

2. Getting the Multimaps extension to work

  • The problem here is that maintenance is done by the central Mediawiki team only, but they don't have time to work on the extension.
  • The wiki team are not dead set on using this extension, but this one is known to work with their set up.
  • If we could get a dev limited access rights to this repo, that would be a solution potentiall.y
  • Link to extension can be found here:

Discuss Feedback from Community review of bid

The first project idea has been put out for community review. Here is a link to the current draft version and here is the OSM community post.

Taking feedback into account, it is decided that the following should be reflected in an updated project idea description.

  • We should clarify that we're talking about user muting, not blocking.
  • There is no social aspect to this task. For instance, no sharing of block lists.
  • The project description should note that if a user mutes someone, the user should also no longer receive email notifications.

It is noted that the Operations Working Group would have liked to have been involved earlier in the review process. Tobias notes that in general stakeholders should be identified and given some time to respond with feedback. Some discussion ensues about whether or not this should happen before the project description is shared more publicly. It is agreed that we need to be respectful of the other working groups and that this feedback should be reflected in the project funding framework.

Robert volunteers to update the project idea description and the project funding framework.

Follow up on osm-carto frustration

Brandon notes that the OWG have an outstanding issue on their public tracker related to possible technology alternatives to OSM Carto. Unfortunately, discussion is cut short as the scheduled meeting time is about to end.

Any other business

There is a unanswered email sent to the Engineering Working Group email account. Robert offers to answer.

It is noted that Jochen Tops published an announcement of the data model investigation.

Next meeting is 2022-06-20