Working Group Minutes/EWG 2022-05-23

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

These minutes currently are a draft.

Formal proceedings


  • Tobias Knerr
  • Roland Olbricht
  • Adam Hoyle
  • Robert Koeze
  • Andrew Hain


  • Rob Savoye

Actual business

Review Scoring Criteria feedback

The Scoring Criteria should go to the respective section of the Project Funding Framework. Our GitHub repository is now operational.

Roland volunteers to send out a request for comments on the first call for bids to the dev mailing list, to Discord, and Element. Adam volunteers to foward the bids to a proprietary channel popular in the United States.

Fix the wording about the bid pricings:

Bids must be reasonably priced. Bids with an unusually high cost or a unreasonably lower cost may be rejected.

Existing projects

The EWG has approved Jochen's blog post on his request. It should become public in a couple of days.

Project ideas

Response to OSM-Carto Frustration

While many ideas about how to improve the situation with the standard rendering are moonshots, it is a job ob the EWG to respond to the frustration with ideas and to disentangle what is worth pursuing and what not.

After some minutes of brainstorming we arrive with:

  • A different technologal base to show a map of everything, even if ugly and in extra fine zoom leves.
  • Facilitate a framework to use localized styles for osm-carto: e.g. a Polish variant of the style could show parcel lockers on zoom levels only showing parts of Poland, without showing parcal lockers elsewehere and so on.
  • Lower the bar of making a layer. If it is possible to integrate non-global layers into then it gets possible to lower the bandwith requirements, becaue only part of the traffic might hit.
  • Offer universal vector tiles, i.e. vector tiles that everywhere contain all OSM data in that tile. This should relieve the technical burden such that people with design focus easier can design new styles.
  • Write a good tutorial of catography. If more mappers get capable of designing a style for the cartographic point of view then there should be more and more diverse styles.

Before putting this on public consultation we should ask the current maintainers of osm-carto first what they think about the various ideas and add their ideas to improve the situation.

Wiki-related project ideas

We agree to invite tigerfell to join the next meeting to discuss

  • Map features page performance fixes
  • Account merge
  • MultiMaps extension
  • Translate extension?


Projects where no neartime progress is expected because other projects have higher priority:

  • software improvements
  • OTRS related improvements mentioned in DWG wishlist
  • Implement privacy-related changes to OSM website

Any other business

Next meeting is 2022-06-06