Working Group Minutes/EWG 2022-05-09

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Formal proceedings


  • Tobias Knerr
  • Roland Olbricht
  • Rob Savoye
  • Adam Hoyle
  • Robert Koeze
  • Andrew Hain

Actual business

Review Scoring Criteria feedback

The scoring criteria for bids was sent out for review. See link to text here:

Adam collected feedback. There was none save some about the part pertaining to bids that are unusually high and how to handle such bids. This language was felt to be too ambiguous.

Project ideas

We have been storing project ideas in 2 different places. This link here ( is to be archived by Robert. This link here ( will be the repository for project descriptions going forward.

The following project ideas were discussed:

  • We're still thinking to postpone any work on pedestrian and bike routing on areas.
  • We've given Jochen a contract to investigate data model improvements.
  • Sandbox of Rails port is invalid, docker works well enough. But there is work to be done on testing. We could keep this as an idea.
  • We'll move the unicode task to the archive.
  • The personal killfile has a prepared idea description. See below.
  • The Implement privacy-related changes to OSM website was something the board had wanted to do. Let's put this down as a todo to try to collect that information. Roland volunteers to try to do this.
  • Regarding OAuth2 to key dispenser bridge, it's important but not urgent.
  • The server struggles to render the Map Features page. Let's keep it as idea but not ready for a call for bids. Robert volunteers to make this into a format ready for a call for bid.

Current project ideas

Touch base about status of the following ideas:

Personal "killfile"

Status: Starting RfB process

We should remind Grant to send invitation to all members of the EWG. Robert will start putting together a draft version of the project descriptions in the repo.

Translation wiki extension

Status: There is a discussion at

There was a proposal that failed to reach quorum. If there's software development work that can be done to help improve the tool, then we should consider it. For now we will put it on hold. software improvements

Status: Needs more investigation

If anyone wants to do this, feel free to volunteer.

OTRS related improvements mentioned in DWG wishlist

Status: Heard back from Andy Townsend of DWG.

Let's keep this on the agenda. Robert will do further investigation into what else we might do.

OAuth2 to key dispenser bridge

Status: Reconsider when Paul is present. For auth, check whether forum solution applies, otherwise proper project.

Let's archive this. It's not a priority.

OSM data model changes

Let's ping Jochen to see if he's going to send something out. Tobias volunteered to do so.

Touch base to see if Jochen has announced anything to the community about his investigation. If not, discuss sending something out ourselves.

Relevant links: 2018 Milan SoTM Talk slides: 2018 Milan SoTM Talk video:

Any other business

What do we want to do with the meeting schedule? Should the next one be on the 23rd of May. Yes, 23rd of May it is.

Where do we want to archive things? Let's do the wiki. It's open and accessible and doesn't contravene open source directive.

Next meeting is 2022-05-23

Roland thanks everyone for joining.