Working Group Minutes/EWG 2022-04-04

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Formal proceedings

No formal proceedings.


  • Tobias Knerr
  • Roland Olbricht
  • Robert Koeze
  • Andrew Hain

Actual business

Review Scoring Criteria

Roland sent the scoring criteria out on the OSM-dev mailing list and received no feedback. The working group will touch base with Adam next meeting on feedback he was able to collect from the other channels he shared the document with.

Project ideas

Updates on the current status of project ideas:

Personal "killfile"

Ready to go. Next step is to start the request for bid process. Todos include making the Github repo to host the task description and proposals, as well as announcing this task for public review in according with the proposal framework.

Improving the translation wiki extension for the OpenStreetMap wiki

Tobias has started a useful discussion on the topic here. We're a little bit away from having it be ready for public review, however. software improvements

More research still needed on this.

OTRS related improvements mentioned in DWG wishlist

Robert is going to reach out to the DWG to gauge their interest in overhauling the current system. In the meantime he has collected two other tasks (Allow formatting in reports, ability to report changesets), but suggests we hold off on those as well until contacting the DWG.

OAuth2 to key dispenser bridge (reconsider when Paul is present) (TODO Drolbr explain)

[for auth: check whether forum solution applies, otherwise proper project]

OSM data model changes

Jochen Topf has offered to do an investigation into potential OSM data model changes.

Relevant links:

Tobias notified Jochen that funds have been allocated to support his investigation. We will wait and see if Jochen announces his work. If not, the working group will send something out.

Any other business

Robert apologized that he may not be able to make next meeting.

Next meeting is 2022-04-18