Working Group Minutes/EWG 2021-11-29

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

These minutes are a draft.

Formal proceedings

(no topics)


  • Tobias Knerr
  • Robert Koeze
  • Roland Olbricht
  • Rob Savoye


  • Ebrahim Nejati

Actual business

Ruleset from Microgrants framework

The Ruleset Framework for Applications are our terms and conditions independent of each project. They are based on the Microgrants Framework, but are adapted to software development and address lessions lerned from the Microgrants.

Robert works here on it here. Feedback shall go on the mailing list.

We decide that applications are done by git. This allows for version tracking and collabration. The next best candidate, the wiki, may constitute a hurdle to bid, while nowadaws every developer knows how to use git.

Project ideas

Merged from DWG wishlist and our own ideas to have a uniform list:

  • Hide note comments (and similar) from the DWG list
  • Self deletion facility from the DWG list
  • Personal killfile (Text: Tobias)
  • Pedestrian and bike routing on areas (expected to be over budget, we consider to postpone it)
  • planetdump-ng for privacy (Text: Roland)

The list is not yet ordered by anything. We intend to mention the DWG as source in the description but not on the headlines.

All project ideas need a descriptive text to ensure that the tender make sense. Tobias volunteers to write a text for the Personal killfile. Roland volunteers to write a text for the planetdump-ng extension.

The list is known to take place almost completely in the category core, but this is not considered to be a problem. The categories shall rather guide the project suggestions from outside the EWG.

The OAuth2 to key dispenser bridge shall be reconsidered when Paul is present. The Unicode project shall be reconsidered when Brandon is present.

EWG presentation

Roland confirms that he has submitted a talk to the German FOSSGIS conference to present the EWG and the OSMF in general.

Any other business

Next meeting: 2021-11-29