Working Group Minutes/EWG 2014-11-03

From OpenStreetMap Foundation


IRC nick Real name
pnorman Paul Norman
RichardF Richard Fairhurst
zere Matt Amos


  • osm2pgsql
    • cpp branch merged, no issues reported so far
  • routing branch
    • zere merged latest master
    • not clear what the remaining issues are


18:34:05 <zere> okay, minutes of the last meeting: - as always, let me know if anything needs changing on those.
18:34:49 <zere> i've got a couple of items on the agenda today; osm2pgsql cpp branch, and the openstreetmap-website routing branch.
18:34:55 <zere> #topic osm2pgsql
18:35:16 <zere> apmon: you merged this branch last week or so? thanks!
18:35:24 <zere> have you noticed any issues since then?
18:50:12 <zere> okay... moving on
18:50:20 <zere> #topic routing branch
18:51:16 <zere> TomH: i was wondering what remains to be done on this before it's ready for merge?
18:59:47 * RichardF waves just to say that I'm here
19:02:06 <zere> RichardF: thanks, but we seem to be the only ones.
19:02:15 <zere> perhaps this week is a bad week
19:02:22 <RichardF> thanks for the merge PR incidentally!
19:03:48 <zere> you're very welcome. i've moved to a 4 day working week, and top of the list for my time off was getting routing merged ;-)
19:08:05 * pnorman waves
19:09:32 <pnorman> back to cpp, it's merged, and no issues reported.
19:11:03 <pnorman> I'm trying to move to more of a PR, review, merge cycle rather than just merging stuff.
19:14:31 <zere> good to know there haven't been any issues reported. i'm still expecting some, but the lack to date probably means we tested well enough to get all the major ones.
19:15:12 <pnorman> only new issue I'm aware of is the lockfree queue one, and that's pretty env specific
19:15:16 <zere> and, yes, all PRs should be reviewed... but the cpp one was unfortunately rather large and difficult in that respect.
19:15:33 <pnorman> well it was reviewed, but in the past stuff has been merged in with no review
19:15:43 * pnorman wonders if he could get 4 days... :)
19:15:58 <zere> you can surely ask :-)
19:19:25 <pnorman> So, speaking of reviews, how can we make sure that they happen? e.g. is fairly simple, but hasn't had anyone review it
19:29:05 <pnorman> travis does give me more confidence in a merge. I want to put the full tests into travis
19:35:29 <zere> cool. so, any other business?
19:35:34 <zere> #topic AoB
19:39:40 <zere> okay. thanks to everyone for coming & hope to see you next week!