Working Group Minutes/EWG 2014-09-08

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IRC nick Real name
pnorman Paul Norman
RichardF Richard Fairhurst
zere Matt Amos


  • SOTM
    • Rob Nickerson asked if EWG could help out in case a hack event was needed at SOTM.
    • zere will make contact, offer assistance and send them all the existing docs
  • osm2pgsql docs


17:32:17 <zere> minutes of the last two meetings: and
17:32:24 <zere> if anything in them needs changing, please let me know.
17:32:35 <zere> on the agenda for today: SOTM
17:32:44 <zere> #topic SOTM
17:33:22 <pnorman> Oh, it's that time
17:34:06 <pnorman> Do we know for sure that SOTM wants to hold a hack day?
17:34:11 <zere> the background here is that Rob Nickerson wanted us to look at a "plan B" for SOTM involving a hack day, just in case they don't get enough good enough submissions to fill the schedule. i think that's unlikely, but worth discussing here.
17:36:07 <zere> so, obvious questions first; anyone planning to go to SOTM?
17:37:14 <pnorman> Not unless you can get work to spring for it ;)
17:38:34 <zere> it does seem somewhat unlikely.
17:39:05 <zere> TomH, RichardF, any other lurkers - planning to go to SOTM?
17:39:35 <RichardF> nope - more tempted by WhereCamp Berlin tbh
17:55:21 <pnorman> I'd say that's a resounding no to any of us being there.
17:57:30 <zere> yup. anyone have any ideas about anything we could do without being there?
17:57:59 <zere> i mean, of course we could offer advice, but that's not going to be a huge help.
17:58:28 <pnorman> We wrote up some standard advice, didn't we?
18:03:34 <zere> yup. so i'm not sure how we go beyond that without someone on the ground
18:03:54 <pnorman> Let's send them that then? I looked for it awhile back but couldn't find it
18:15:38 <zere> this one?
18:18:26 <pnorman> Ya, that's the one.
18:18:30 <pnorman> Is it linked anywhere?
18:26:51 <zere> off the EWG page, i'm pretty sure. but i don't know anywhere other than that.
18:27:04 <pnorman> You want to send that link on saying that we don't appear to have anyone going there and there's probably not more we can do.
18:27:41 <zere> okay, i'll send that along with a note saying that and, if they like, we're happy to help any other way we can (which isn't very much).
18:27:46 <zere> #topic AoB
18:27:51 <zere> anything else to talk about?
18:28:22 <pnorman> For other matters, I rewrote osm2pgsql docs (as matt knows). The old ones were very outdated. They could use a review
18:28:34 <pnorman>
18:29:38 <pnorman> Some of it is pulled together from existing content, like analysis, which is a popular question on
18:34:23 <pnorman> If that gets merged, I'll probably go back on my own time and nominate some outdated/horribly wrong wiki pages for deletion
18:34:34 <zere> cool, that's good to have.
18:34:47 <zere> as for wiki pages - that's going to be approximately all of them ;-)
18:36:56 <pnorman> And as FYIs, postgres 9.4 is close to release, beware mapnik API/XML changes, and I've been fooling with TM1 MMLs as YAML, and they seem to work and can be converted to JSON with a one-liner
18:42:19 <pnorman> to-do: benchmark 9.4 beta2
18:43:45 <zere> cool. thanks everyone for coming. see you next week :-)