Working Group Minutes/EWG 2014-06-09

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IRC nick Real name
apmon Kai Krueger
gravitystorm Andy Allan
zere Matt Amos


  • "big resources"
    • Ideas gathered - looking for a someone to write them up as a wiki page / document.


17:34:21 <zere> minutes of the last meetings: and
17:34:32 <zere> please let me know if something needs changing.
17:35:10 <zere> the only thing i have for the agenda this week is wrapping up the "big resources" discussion and put together some document
17:35:58 <gravitystorm> I don't have anything for the agenda
17:37:24 <zere> so that we have something that lays out the ideas, what still needs to be done for each, what resources they'd require, whether they're one-off, periodic or on-going commitments, etc...
17:37:47 <zere> #topic "big resources" document
17:38:00 <zere> anyone feel like volunteering for that?
17:38:04 * zere crosses fingers
17:39:42 <apmon> I missed the previous meetings, but did you come up with any good ideas?
17:43:22 <zere> hmm... i'll paste in the list
17:43:36 <zere> mkl raised the idea of automatic imagery analysis, trying to compute if "something" is present on a tile which can then be compared to OSM to target areas where there's something in the real world, but nothing in OSM.
17:43:40 <zere> Another suggestion is multi-lingual maps (would require much more rendering power than currently available).
17:43:43 <zere> Rendering the full history over time as a series of tiled videos rather than still images, so you can pan anywhere in the world and view any period of the map evolution there.
17:43:46 <zere> Global routing analysis to spot problems with the data.
17:43:49 <zere> GPX/routing analysis along the lines of ris' "That Shouldn't Be Possible".
17:43:51 <zere> "Temporal tiling", or something OWL-like which is based on brute force rather than efficient indexing.
17:43:54 <zere> A system that stores all object's history in S3 as static files.
17:43:57 <zere> Offline Map tiles/Geocoding/Routing to the Amazon Kindle Fire or something similar.
17:44:00 <zere> Use Mechanical Turk to identify areas of misclassified or poor spatial accuracy data (i.e: probably TIGER). gravitystorm popped up later to remind us of the "Rapid Assessment Tool": [1].
17:44:04 <zere> Further idea: Pre-rendered (minutely-updated) tileset to S3.
17:45:00 <zere> so there's a bunch at different levels of difficulty, different levels of readiness, different computational requirements, etc...
17:46:11 <apmon> Does anyone have a good idea what exactly AWS wants?
17:46:33 <apmon> my impression from some of the mails is that they mainly want something for publicity
17:46:43 <zere> yup, that's my impression too
17:46:56 <apmon> i.e. to plaster how wonderful AWS is on the front page of the NYT
17:47:23 <apmon> not sure any of those would achieve it. Although they are great things for OSM
17:47:42 <zere> and, given pnorman and iandees' have had trouble getting small amounts of help from them, i think they're mainly interested in a big "moon-shot" thing, and probably only once.
17:48:58 <apmon> So if that is indeed what they want, than my guess would be anything other than the automated image analysis would not fit their interests.
17:49:24 <zere> right, but it's worth putting all the ideas up, in case we're wrong.
17:49:47 <apmon> true
17:50:47 <apmon> if it is the one off "moon-shot", then it probably would be best off if it is a separate project outside of osmf
17:50:57 <zere> i think the next step is to have a wiki page / google doc where more detail can be collected about the ideas.
17:51:38 <zere> well, yeah, that was suggested, but if they really do only want the PR, then it starts to become hard to explain the difference between OSMF and the OSM project.
17:53:37 <apmon> There is no difference for PR purposes. It came from Amazon... ;-)
17:54:21 <zere> ok, sure. if someone wants to do it outside of OSMF that's great. i look forward to hearing from the queue of volunteers :-)
17:54:35 <zere> until then, it's in our lap...
17:54:47 <zere> gravitystorm: you want to write this up, don't you?
17:55:20 <gravitystorm> zere: nope
17:55:31 <gravitystorm> but points for trying
17:59:04 <zere> apmon: would you like to write some of this up?
18:04:19 <apmon> Do you know if anyone is in personal contact with AWS about this?
18:05:38 <zere> henk apparently is. pnorman has been in the past. i think i also have the guy's business card, and i sent him an email a year ago (if it's the same guy).
18:18:26 <zere> hmmm... ok. conversation stalled...
18:18:36 <zere> does anyone have anything else they'd like to talk about?
18:18:40 <zere> #topic AoB
18:19:11 <gravitystorm> not me
18:28:44 <zere> ok. thanks gravitystorm & apmon for coming. :-)
18:28:51 <zere> hope to see everyone next week