Working Group Minutes/EWG 2014-05-26

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IRC nick Real name
pnorman Paul Norman
zere Matt Amos


  • "big resources"
    • Further idea: Pre-rendered (minutely-updated) tileset to S3.
    • Unsure how much of an on-going commitment Amazon are willing to make, but will keep all ideas and see what they say.
  • Style sheet
    • pnorman brought up the need to make it easier for people to test the (tile rendering) stylesheet. But suggests revisiting it after switch2osm updates.


17:30:30 <zere> minutes of the last meeting:
17:31:00 <zere> please let me know if there's anything in there which needs changing.
17:31:32 <zere> unless there's anything new, we're still looking at the AWS stuff. ideas from previous meetings:
17:31:45 <zere> #topic big resources
17:31:56 <zere> mkl raised the idea of automatic imagery analysis, trying to compute if "something" is present on a tile which can then be compared to OSM to target areas where there's something in the real world, but nothing in OSM.
17:32:03 <zere> Another suggestion is multi-lingual maps (would require much more rendering power than currently available).
17:32:09 <zere> Rendering the full history over time as a series of tiled videos rather than still images, so you can pan anywhere in the world and view any period of the map evolution there.
17:32:14 <zere> Global routing analysis to spot problems with the data.
17:32:20 <zere> GPX/routing analysis along the lines of ris' "That Shouldn't Be Possible".
17:32:25 <zere> A system that stores all object's history in S3 as static files.
17:32:32 <zere> Offline Map tiles/Geocoding/Routing to the Amazon Kindle Fire or something similar.
17:32:43 <zere> "Temporal tiling", or something OWL-like which is based on brute force rather than efficient indexing.
17:32:51 <zere> Use Mechanical Turk to identify areas of misclassified or poor spatial accuracy data (i.e: probably TIGER). gravitystorm popped up later to remind us of the "Rapid Assessment Tool".
17:33:51 <pnorman> My computer is down (bad video card), but didn't Henk say that the people he was talking to were the same we talked to at SOTM-US?
17:34:01 <zere> yup
17:38:56 <pnorman> Looking at the list, we've probably got 400k-800k of work
17:40:09 <pnorman> I priced a tile server at ~2.5k/month, not counting bandwidth (i think?)
17:40:25 <zere> perhaps. and i'm not sure how much development work AWS would be willing to put in. so i guess the next step is to try and figure out which ideas are already backed by working code
17:40:39 <zere> or which ones are closest to working
17:41:10 <zere> and then which of those would provide the most value
17:41:36 <pnorman> Oh I had one not on the list
17:41:51 <pnorman> pre-rendered vector tiles to S3
17:42:50 <zere> pre-rendered, and updated, i presume
17:43:15 <pnorman> yes, of course, keeping them up to date
17:44:47 <zere> there's a series of ideas along these lines; multi-lingual maps, rendering full history, etc...
17:45:19 <zere> the issue with those are that the AWS guys might not be cool with an on-going committment. we can always ask, though.
17:46:05 <pnorman> That's been the issue I've gotten from them too, which is why I've only persued short-term (i.e. dev work/cheap) stuff
18:24:21 <zere> hmmm... discussion seems to have dropped off. anyone wanted to discuss anything else?
18:24:24 <zere> #topic AoB
18:26:05 <pnorman> hmm
18:26:32 <pnorman> We need to make it easier for people to test the stylesheet, but I suggest we revisit that after s2o updates
18:27:02 <pnorman> Speaking of s2o, I have no idea of what to suggest for a rendering server daemon, since they're all a pain to set up
18:33:48 <zere> i'd like to think that the MQ render stack is less so... but that's probably just because i'm familiar with it ;-)
18:34:18 <pnorman> maybe i'll see next month ;P
18:34:53 <zere> do you want me to put s2o updates on the agenda for next meeting? is it something that would benefit from some discussion?
18:36:11 <pnorman> Really the only sub-part is renderd/tirex/etc
18:36:27 <pnorman> The rest are basically done, just polishing and awaiting that 3rd part for the linkages between them
18:36:54 <zere> cool, ok.
18:37:11 <zere> thanks for coming :-) hope to see more people next week!