Working Group Minutes/EWG 2014-04-07

From OpenStreetMap Foundation


IRC nick Real name
gravitystorm Andy Allan
TomH Tom Hughes


  • Short meeting. Nothing to report.


17:31:05 <gravitystorm> good to see lots of people here this evening - anyone have a topic to start us off?
17:36:58 <gravitystorm> sounds like that's a no. So on a different topic, is there anyone from EWG attending the sprint day?
17:37:09 <gravitystorm> I mean, the sotm-us sprint day?
17:38:18 <TomH> as I'll be on the wrong side of a large pond, no ;-)
17:41:10 <gravitystorm> I'll also be on the wrong side of the pond, but I might end up staying up late and working remotely :-)
17:42:03 <gravitystorm> My main line of questioning is to see if there's things that EWG could be doing to help with the spring day - it overlaps with our core activities, after all
17:55:23 <gravitystorm> OK, last call for any other business.
18:09:18 <gravitystorm> OK, thanks for coming.