Working Group Minutes/EWG 2014-03-24

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IRC nick Real name
gravitystorm Andy Allan
shaunmcdonald Shaun McDonald
zere Matt Amos


  • OWL
    • ACTION: gravitystorm to take another look at the install docs.
  • Schedule disruption
    • zere is travelling a lot over the next few weeks and is looking for someone to chair the meetings in his place.
    • gravitystorm volunteers to help out, but can't make Apr 21st.


17:33:07 <zere> minutes of the last meeting: please let me know if anything needs changing
17:34:39 <zere> the only topic i've been asked about is OWL - if anyone knows what the situation is there and whether there's anything to help with, or try to get the message out about?
17:34:42 <zere> #topic OWL
17:34:51 <zere> anyone looked at it recently?
17:34:59 <zere> gravitystorm: you had a look at the docs, right?
17:35:13 <gravitystorm> zere: no, I haven't looked at the docs
17:35:14 <shaunmcdonald> I haven’t looked at OWL
17:38:43 <zere> anyone fancy going and having a look? i guess the main question is whether, if we made it some sort of priority, would that help get it "ready" any quicker?
17:42:36 <gravitystorm> zere: ok, I'm looking at the docs now, and three things jump out in the install instructions
17:45:22 <gravitystorm> make that four - 1) I distrust wiki-based instructions, we should move them to the repo 2) it's a rails app but has things like ` psql -f sql/owl_schema.sql owl` but that should be rake:db:load or similar 3) the osmosis submodule stuff and 4) the docs mention required rails versions but (hopefully) that's taken care of with the Gemfile
17:45:48 <gravitystorm> so perhaps my question is whether there is work to do here to make any future promotion more successful?
17:46:22 <gravitystorm> Does anyone have any comments on the installation docs 'improvements' that I made for the rails port a few months ago? Have they made it easier for people to start hacking? Have them made it worse?
17:46:50 <zere> they helped me when i was setting up the Vagrantfile, to be sure :-)
17:54:15 <gravitystorm> OK. Well, it's not like "improve OWL docs" has been anywhere other than ON my list for the last few months, but you can consider it on 'again' if you like
17:55:38 <zere> gravitystorm: thanks :-)
17:55:49 <zere> was there anything else anyone wanted to discuss?
18:00:05 <gravitystorm> not from me
18:02:26 <zere> oh, i guess i should mention
18:02:42 <zere> #topic schedule disruption
18:03:25 <zere> i'm not around for the next 4 mondays - variously travelling, being at SOTM-US hackday, etc...
18:03:45 <zere> the next time i'll be aroudn to chair the meeting is 28th april
18:04:23 <zere> so... given that gravitystorm and shaunmcdonald are the only ones who've peeked above the parapet so far today - either of you fancy chairing the next 4 meetings?
18:04:52 <gravitystorm> I can chair in the meantime. I can't make the 21 april though
18:04:53 <shaunmcdonald> zere: I’m not particularly keen on doing so.
18:11:13 <zere> fair enough - missing one meeting won't be terrible. thanks again, gravitystorm :-)
18:12:17 <zere> i guess that was the last of it - unless anyone's got any last-minute AoB?
18:12:45 <gravitystorm> nope - and I need to go anyway
18:16:58 <zere> ok. thanks to everyone for coming - i won't see you next week, so have fun! :-)