Working Group Minutes/EWG 2014-02-24

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IRC nick Real name
apmon_ Kai Krueger
shaunmcdonald Shaun McDonald
zere Matt Amos


  • London hack weekend
    • zere talked about the hack weekend on the 8/9th March.
  • GSoC
    • apmon_ added the UTFGrid proposal discussed at the last meeting.
  • osm2pgsql db on errol
    • Currently out of date, and needs reloading.
    • There weren't many users, question whether the resources are worthwhile.
    • ACTION apmon_ to reload the database and announce on the dev mailing list & we can revisit if there's still no expression of interest.


17:35:42 <zere> minutes of the last meeting: let me know if anything needs changing.
17:35:52 <zere> #topic actions
17:36:22 <zere> hmm... no apmon, but the cloudmade thing wasn't a high priority anyway.
17:37:21 <zere> i've got nothing on the agenda, but last time we were discussing pnorman's osm2pgsql testing and GSoC... any interest in discussing those further this week?
17:37:25 <zere> #topic AoB
17:37:34 <zere> indeed, anyone have an item they'd like to raise?
17:37:55 <shaunmcdonald> Highlighting the upcoming hack weekend?
17:38:15 <shaunmcdonald> Though everyone here probably already knows about it.
17:38:38 <zere> sure... i think i'm getting more exposure on lanyrd / OSM wiki than from anyone who reads EWG minutes ;-)
17:38:48 <zere> #topic London hack weekend
17:39:13 <zere> more details here:
17:39:40 <zere> but the short version is: MQ/AOL is hosting a hack weekend in central London, UK, and all are welcome!
17:40:55 <shaunmcdonald> Hopefully I'll get some progress on the upgrade.
17:43:36 <shaunmcdonald> Oh apmon_ has just arrived
17:44:43 <zere> hi apmon_, we were going through the actions again. "hmm... no apmon, but the cloudmade thing wasn't a high priority anyway."
17:45:12 <zere> but otherwise, we just had a quick note about the upcoming hack weekend, and now on AoB.
17:45:34 <zere> logs:
17:45:40 <apmon_> AoB: osm2pgsql db on errol
17:46:06 <apmon_> btw, I have just added the GSoC proposal for UTFGrid
17:49:17 <zere> awesome. fingers crossed for that one. :-)
17:49:25 <zere> #topic osm2pgsql db on errol
17:49:44 <zere> is there a problem? does it need to be reloaded or something?
17:51:33 <apmon_> Yes, it is currently out of date
17:51:58 <apmon_> I stopped maintaining it a while ago, as it crashed a couple of times and was taking a lot of resources on errol
17:52:20 <apmon_> furthermore, my impression is that no one was really using it, so it wasn't worth the resources
17:52:37 <apmon_> However, it seems that occasionally people do want to use it.
17:52:52 <apmon_> So the question again is, is it worth the drain on resources on errol, or not?
17:54:43 <zere> i think we thought it was before, and i'm not sure anything has changed. but perhaps we were mistaken. if no one has really complained that it wasn't working then perhaps it is unnecessary.
17:55:18 <shaunmcdonald> What's the DB for? For people to run analysis etc from the dev server?
17:55:18 <zere> tough to find a place to develop with access to the whole planet, but maybe EC2 / hetzner are cheap enough nowadays that people just rent their own machines.
17:55:48 <shaunmcdonald> Or is it a case of people not knowing it exists?
17:56:41 <zere> i'd expect people to be asking, if they wanted it... regardless of whether they know it exists.
17:56:52 <zere> so perhaps people just don't actually want it.
17:57:06 <apmon_> OK, I'll run a new import, and then announce it to dev list.
17:57:14 <apmon_> See what the reactions are
17:57:20 <zere> sounds good to me
17:57:28 <apmon_> which may give a better indication of if there is interesst
17:57:30 <shaunmcdonald> Or don't think it's possible ask for something like that?
17:57:43 <shaunmcdonald> Is it a mapnik based planet DB?
17:58:00 <apmon_> it is an "extended" osm2pgsql db
17:58:15 <apmon_> with hstore (all tags) and extra attributes like changeset id and user id
17:58:27 <shaunmcdonald> cool
17:58:56 <apmon_> So hopefully it is reasonably flexible for use
18:00:41 <shaunmcdonald> yup
18:04:21 <zere> #action apmon_ to run a new import, and then announce it to dev list
18:04:33 <zere> awesome. anything else in AoB?
18:07:08 <shaunmcdonald> nope from me
18:09:53 <zere> ok. nice short meeting. thank you all for coming, and hope to see you next week :-)