Working Group Minutes/EWG 2014-01-13

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IRC nick Real name
pnorman Paul Norman
shaunmcdonald Shaun McDonald
TomH Tom Hughes
zere Matt Amos


  • Hack weekend write-up
    • zere sought feedback on his write-up before publication.
  • EWG "admin" mailing list
    • shaunmcdonald suggested creating an email contact for (some subset of) EWG members, to help people get involved who can't or don't want to use IRC.
    • ACTION: zere to set up the list and invite frequent EWG attendees.


17:31:23 <zere> minutes of the last meeting:
17:32:01 <zere> current state of the proposed blog post: and the corresponding page on the OSMF wiki
17:32:52 <zere> (please let me know if there are any issues with the last minutes, btw)
17:37:14 <zere> ummm.... anyone here?
17:38:20 <TomH> yep
17:39:16 <shaunmcdonald> yup
17:40:00 <zere> any comments on the stuff above?
17:40:57 <shaunmcdonald> I'm reading it just now
17:42:10 <shaunmcdonald> zere: might be worth adding a couple of examples to "Be aware of dietary restrictions" such as gluten free.
17:43:14 <TomH> "an meeting" on the wiki page
17:44:47 <zere> ha! i blame wiki markup - "an [[Engineering Working Group#Meetings|meeting]]" reads ok ;-)
17:46:40 <zere> shaunmcdonald: thanks, i've added a bit more.
17:50:48 <shaunmcdonald> zere: looks good, thanks
17:52:51 <shaunmcdonald> zere: I wonder, is there an email address to contact the EWG for those who are not interested in IRC, or aren't available at this time?
17:59:04 * pnorman waves
18:07:00 <zere> shaunmcdonald: yeah, but i can't think of how to do that, unless a few of us want to sign up - but then how's it really different from teh dev mailing list?
18:14:24 <shaunmcdonald> zere: It would be for the pre organisation financials, thus sensitive info, hence why it'd be better to not direct to the dev mailing list for those.
18:14:45 <shaunmcdonald> zere: i.e. it's with regard to the request for funding.
18:17:03 <zere> do you think it's worth me pulling the list of "most common EWG attendees" and inviting them all to an EWG-specific (admin, basically) mailing list?
18:17:15 <shaunmcdonald> zere: yes
18:18:58 <zere> ok
18:19:42 <zere> #action zere to set up an EWG (admin) email and invite regular attendees - the purpose of the mailing list is to handle sensitive information and as a direct contact for those not able to attend IRC meetings.
18:26:34 <zere> hmm... ok. was there anything else anyone wanted to discuss?
18:28:55 <zere> i guess not.
18:29:04 <zere> thanks, everyone, for coming!
18:29:09 <zere> hope to see you next week