Working Group Minutes/EWG 2014-01-06

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IRC nick Real name
gravitystorm Andy Allan
pnorman Paul Norman
RichardF Richard Fairhurst
shaunmcdonald Shaun McDonald
zere Matt Amos


  • osm2pgsql threading
    • pnorman working on validating diff processing in the threading branch.
    • after 750 hourly diff imports, rendering slowed from 8.8 MT/s to 6.8 MT/s
    • pnorman would recommend that anyone consuming diffs regularly reindexes planet_osm_rels (its small) and less reguarly reindexes planet_osm_ways (its big)
  • hack weekend write-up


17:31:12 <zere> welcome to the first EWG meeting of 2014! hope everyone had happy holidays.
17:31:25 <zere> minutes of the last meeting:
17:31:35 <pnorman> lets see, started at 8.8, 90% is 200h in according to this
17:32:08 <zere> i've started putting together this: - any help / comments / extra detail would be appreciated.
17:33:15 <zere> it's clearly not even remotely finished yet. hopefully i can force myself to flesh it out into something proper over the course of the week.
17:33:50 <zere> and i didn't have anything already on the agenda, so we can go straight to items that people want to discuss.
17:34:11 <pnorman> any updates on switch2osm from richardf?
17:34:20 <RichardF> not as yet I'm afraid
17:34:31 <RichardF> (curse paid work :) )
17:34:42 <pnorman> if only I had paid work to curse
17:37:56 <zere> i guess it's worth noting pnorman's osm2pgsql results: after 750 hourly diff imports, rendering slowed from 8.8 MT/s to 6.8 MT/s, and indexes bloated so much the disk filled.
17:38:25 <pnorman> indexes filling was sometime between 751 and 1000 (as well as tables bloating)
17:39:43 <zere> did the increase in disk space mirror the decrease in performance? i.e: was it gradual, or did it start increasing more rapidly as you got more diffs?
17:40:16 <pnorman> I have the numbers to check that out, but I need to sum them up
17:41:15 <pnorman> as in I have an excel spreadsheet of 2000 numbers
17:42:09 <pnorman> My immediate priority is to validate diff processing on the threading branch so we can get that merged
17:42:58 <pnorman> it hasn't core dumped, so that's a good sign
17:44:44 <pnorman> I switched my blog to octopress so I might start writing about this stuff again
17:47:35 <zere> cool. i ended up writing my own static blog generator, with the same goal... but i still haven't used it to write any new articles. may you have better luck ;-)
17:50:08 <pnorman> anything to carry over from last meeting, or anything to bring up at the MT meeting?
17:51:37 <shaunmcdonald> zere: re the hack pad, which currency are the $500, I presume US Dollars?
17:51:54 <zere> shaunmcdonald: indeed, default dollars ;-)
17:52:22 <shaunmcdonald> What about people in other countries, is it based on the current exchange rate?
17:53:07 <zere> yes, although i'm sure we'd be flexible if exchange rates changed and it came in very slightly above US$500.
17:54:25 <pnorman> given that this is the third year with the $500 and no one has yet taken us up on it, I don't think we'll quibble over cents
17:56:13 <zere> quite. besides which, if anyone gets to exactly US$500.00 in expenses, i shall be suspicious.
17:57:10 <zere> depending on where it is, and what (if anything) was sponsored, i'd expect it to be far less, or far more, than that.
17:59:07 <zere> the last few hack days i ran here, the food and refreshments were ~60 GBP per day, so around US$200 overall.
18:00:32 <shaunmcdonald> The SotM hack day was more than twice as expensive than that
18:01:08 <zere> food and refreshments only, or was there extra stuff?
18:02:14 <shaunmcdonald> food and refreshments only, however there was a lot of people there, twice as many than expected, which didn't help.
18:03:08 <shaunmcdonald> I've adding an extra blank line before the "If you like the sound of a hack weekend" paragraph to break it up from the stuff before hand, and make it clear there's a topic change.
18:04:09 <zere> shaunmcdonald: cool, thanks
18:05:39 <zere> oh, i remember, didn't you have to use the venue's caterer as well? i guess that pushes the price up some, compared to when i run to the pizza place on goodge street ;-)
18:07:09 <shaunmcdonald> Ah, we then had to go for 2 lots of pizza as it all disappeared so quickly, and there was a £100 limit on online orders.
18:07:29 <pnorman> afk a bit
18:08:01 <shaunmcdonald> The on site caterer wasn't prepared for us, as they put the event in the wrong day, which didn't help at all.
18:09:21 <shaunmcdonald> zere: The only thing I see missing from that hack pad now is the wiki with info about the expenses for the hack days.
18:17:26 <zere> shaunmcdonald: great, thanks :-)
18:17:35 <zere> was there anything else anyone wanted to discuss?
18:20:25 <gravitystorm> not from me
18:20:29 <zere> shaunmcdonald: btw, do you have a link for pluto?
18:21:43 <zere> ta :-)
18:22:37 <zere> i guess if there's nothing else, then it only remains for me to thank everyone for coming, and hope to see you next week :-)