Working Group Minutes/EWG 2013-09-16

From OpenStreetMap Foundation


IRC nick Real name
apmon Kai Krueger
iandees Ian Dees
RichardF Richard Fairhurst
TomH Tom Hughes
zere Matt Amos


  • Trac tickets
    • iandees triaged a lot of trac tickets, and closed many obsolete ones.
    • Most of the remainder are for the "mapnik" component.
  • Rails 4 branch
    • TomH asked for help testing it, as it's nearly ready to go live.


17:01:17 <zere> minutes of the last meeting:
17:01:24 <zere> let me know if anything needs changing.
17:02:45 <zere> iandees: anything new on the trac issues stuff?
17:03:06 <iandees> i closed a couple hundred
17:03:15 <iandees> there are still ~1100 active
17:03:47 <iandees> according to Tom there isn't a great way to delete components unless we completely delete the tickets from them
17:03:48 <TomH> oh I wondered what triggered that - didn't realise you did a meeting last week
17:04:11 <TomH> I may be able to disable them form new assignment though - need to look at that
17:04:28 <iandees> yea sorry i didn't make the reasoning clear
17:06:59 <zere> cool. of the ~1100 active, are they mostly still valid, or need re-triaging?
17:07:47 <iandees> most are mapnik and need re-triaging
17:08:32 <iandees> the rest are split between the website and might actually be useful to keep around, potlatch2, nominatim, and merkerator
17:09:06 <zere> i'll see if gravitystorm would like to do that. my guess is that he'd prefer that "triaging" meant "wontfix", but perhaps there are still some things in there worth moving over to the carto stuff.
17:09:14 <apmon> I can try and triage more of the osm2pgsql and mod_tile tickets on trac
17:09:15 <zere> s/that/the mapnik ones/
17:10:01 <zere> i have a feeling that little new development is being done in potlatch2... RichardF - want to take a look at those tickets?
17:10:22 <RichardF> zere: yep, but not right now - probably in a couple of months
17:11:07 * zere puts in his calendar: "Xmas present for RichardF: reminder to review trac tickets."
17:11:15 <RichardF> can hardly wait :)
17:12:43 <zere> cool. thanks iandees for putting a lot of work in :-)
17:13:05 <zere> i've nothing on the agenda held over from previous weeks... so has anyone got anything they'd like to discuss?
17:13:22 <TomH> has anybody had a chance to look at my rails 4 branch?
17:13:57 <TomH> jfire did some testing and found a few things which should all be fixed now I think
17:14:29 <zere> #topic rails4 branch
17:14:57 <zere> nope, i remember you were working on it, but it was relegated to the back of my mind...
17:15:24 <zere> is there anything else in there? i seem to remember some possible ruby version stuff, like dropping support for 1.8.x?
17:16:03 <TomH> I think r4 requires 1.9 yes
17:16:06 <TomH> might be wrong though
17:19:17 <zere> might be an opportunity to write some more tests? ;-)
17:19:43 <TomH> more tests are always welcome ;-)
17:21:08 <zere> any other big changes in that branch - assets pipeline or anything like that?
17:22:11 <TomH> only what is necessary to make things run
17:22:58 <zere> cool, ok.
17:23:29 <zere> anyone else have something they'd like to discuss?
17:23:53 <iandees> this isn't particularly ewg-ey...
17:24:19 <iandees> but there's a user testing group here in chicago that is interested in doing some user testing on OSM
17:24:39 <iandees> i'd be interested in talking to any one of you that might find that interesting
17:26:40 <apmon> iandees: usability testing?
17:27:25 <iandees> sit a 'normal person' down in front of (or josm or whatever) and ask them to perform a task. record what they do, what questions they ask
17:28:19 <apmon> i'd be interested in that, so if you could keep me in the loop, that would be great
17:28:34 <iandees> k
17:37:10 <zere> great! :-)
17:37:12 <zere> anything else?
17:45:35 <zere> i guess not.
17:45:53 <zere> in which case; thank you all for coming, and i hope to see you next week! :-)