Working Group Minutes/EWG 2013-02-25

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IRC nick Real name
apmon Kai Krueger
Firefishy Grant Slater
pnorman Paul Norman
tmcw Tom MacWright
zere Matt Amos


  • Improving documentation
    • Start with a better README, then install docs, then API docs. (for the rails port)


18:04:06 <zere> apologies - i haven't written up the minutes of the last meeting yet. for reference the raw logs are here:
18:04:43 <zere> #topic goals
18:04:47 <zere> we were discussing the goals of EWG for 2013, and had identified three areas of interest:
18:04:55 <zere> 1) place for technical discussion, 2) better documentation, and 3) better availability of issue-tracker information
18:05:44 <zere> perhaps we could spend a little time figuring out what these might mean.
18:05:55 <zere> concretely, in terms of actions and so on.
18:08:25 * pnorman waves
18:13:49 <zere> anyone have any ideas? what does having "a place for technical discussion mean" - is that simply keeping these meetings running?
18:14:31 <zere> is there something else we might usefully want to do to foster technical discussion that would need more / different resources that we'll need to plan for?
18:18:34 <zere> ok... moving on. "better documentation" is a pretty wide area. what do we mean here - better API documentation, better documentation for osm2pgsql / osmosis / other tools? all of the above?
18:19:36 <tmcw> zere: start with a better readme, then install docs, then api docs.
18:19:54 <tmcw> if there's an ewg task here it's getting volunteers to document or encouraging core devs to document instead of developing for a day or two
18:21:09 <zere> you're talking about rails_port, right?
18:56:47 <zere> ok, well... that's some small progress made. we'll try again next time.
18:57:46 <zere> i won't be around for the next 3 weeks (until march 25, probably). so it would be great if someone were to volunteer to run the meetings in that period...?
19:05:32 <apmon> Ah, seems like I missed the meeting then...
19:05:51 <apmon> sorry, will read up on the minutes
19:07:19 * Firefishy missed it too.
21:08:33 <zere> oops, forgot to [endmeeting]