Working Group Minutes/EWG 2012-04-16

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IRC nick Real name
ajturner Andrew Turner
Firefishy Grant Slater
zere Matt Amos


  • zere posted a Doodle poll for scheduling a new time for the meeting: [1].


19:00 < zere> minutes of the last 2 meetings: and
19:01 < zere> please let me know if there's anything wrong with them.
19:01 < zere> on the agenda for today: license change again, change of time-slot, and any other business.
19:02 < zere> on the change of time-slot, we have a Doodle link to gather people's availability:
19:05  * Firefishy done.
19:05 < zere> Firefishy: thanks :-)
19:09 < Firefishy> ajashton, ajturner, Akkuhapp1X, Akkuhappo, mvexel, pnorman, RichardF, stevensn ping :)
19:10 < zere> haha... that's one way to get some activity
19:10 < ajturner> definitely
19:11  * ajturner has updated the doodle
19:16 < zere> awesome. i'll leave that up for a week or so. probably also worth posting to dev@, although i'm not sure how many people here read dev@ regularly.
19:16 < zere> hopefully they'll see it in their scrollbacks, though.
19:38  * Firefishy off home.
19:38 -!- Firefishy [] has quit []
19:59 -!- ajturner is now known as Guest572
19:59 -!- ajturner [~ajturner@] has joined #osm-ewg
20:01 < zere> apologies for the uneventful meeting. hope to see everyone next week. and don't forget the Doodle! :-)