Working Group Minutes/EWG 2012-01-23

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IRC nick Real name
Firefishy Grant Slater
migurski Michal Migurski
RichardF Richard Fairhurst
TomH Tom Hughes
zere Matt Amos


  • Quick mention of Switch2OSM.


18:01 < zere> minutes of the last meeting:
18:01 < zere> as always, let me know if there's any mistakes or other problems in there.
18:02 < RichardF> hello. bit of a brief appearance for me as I need to shoot off shortly
18:02  * Firefishy back in 2mins.
18:02  * TomH lurks mysteriously
18:03 < zere> looking over the last meeting's summary, i have to make apologies for not having done either of the things there
18:04 < RichardF> couple of things arising:
18:04 < RichardF> switch2osm being publicised tomorrow. last chance to make any suggestions/comments!
18:04  * Firefishy back.
18:04 < RichardF> and I've e-mailed Siebrand about P2 translations, so am awaiting developments on that one.
18:07 -!- migurski [] has joined #osm-ewg
18:07 < zere> cool. roll on the welsh translation of PL2 - i'm looking forward to that one ;-)
18:08 < migurski> hi all
18:08 < RichardF> zere: +1!
18:08 < RichardF> hi migurski
18:10 < RichardF> migurski: just something I mentioned a minute ago - switch2osm will be publicised (Twitter etc.) tomorrow - so last call for any suggested changes/amendments :)
18:11 < migurski> sweet
18:11 < migurski> I think I had a typo in my Tile Drawer, "an" for an "a"
18:11 < migurski> *my TD description
18:11 < migurski> but it looks great
18:12 < Firefishy> RichardF: worth putting the site up on github?
18:13 < zere> let's say there's significant press interest in s2o (we can hope) - is the preferred thing that they go through to IRC?
18:13 < TomH> it's a wordpress site, so that's not exactly easy...
18:13 < RichardF> Firefishy: I think I'd rather manage it by giving people WordPress logins - but we can see how it develops
18:14 < Firefishy> ah yes, sorry wordpress.
18:14 < RichardF> zere: would make sense; I guess there's no mailing list we can point people at
18:14 < RichardF> dev's probably too scary :(
18:14 < zere> i was wondering if you wanted to put the CWG mailing address in as a press contact.
18:15 < RichardF> good idea.
18:21 < zere> ok. i didn't have anything specific on the agenda for today, so does anyone have anything they'd like to discuss?
18:22 < RichardF> not from me!
18:24 < TomH> nor me
18:27 < zere> i'll have to try harder next time ;-)
18:31 -!- apmon [] has joined #osm-ewg
18:33 < zere> apmon: welcome :-)
18:36 < zere> ok, the deafening silence probably means we're all out of discussion topics, but if any come to mind, just ping me (here or in #osm-dev) and i'll include them for next week.
18:36 < zere> thanks to everyone for coming!